How to Draw Chibi Yu Narukami, Persona Q


Before we start, I want to let you know we'll be working with silhouette shapes, so you'll need something like a white or silver paint pen to color on top of the black. I'll explain an alternative later. Now, let's start this guy by drawing a basic f   


Next we'll draw a large curve for the top of the head and add a line for the eyes. Under the chin, draw a little box for the neck.


Since Yu is wearing a Japanese school uniform, I wanted to play up the angles in the shape of the body. Each side of the body can be drawn as a sideways M or W shape. The shoulder on the right is a little higher because that arm will be lifted.


Next we'll block in the basic shapes of the legs. The leg on the left is viewed from a side angle. The outer edge is straight, and the underside has more shape to it, especially in the calf. The leg on the right is a straight-on shot. This time the i   


Begin this step by drawing a square for each hand. The line across each hand shows us where the knuckles will be. The arm of the leg is partly tucked behind the body. The arm on the right is bent and coming forward a bit. Draw the forearm large and t   


Lighten the guide drawing and we'll start to focus on the lines of the hair. Pick a point on one side of the top of the head as the part, and from there we'll draw large curves rolling down to form the outline of the hair. Yu's hair will cover his ey   


Fill in the sideburns to complete the hair outline. Then use upward curves to form the front poof of hair on the right side. The large curl coming down from the top helps to reinforce the swoosh of the hair. A little squiggle acts of the part in the    


We need to redraw the angles of the face, this time adding thin rectangles for the ears. Leave a little open space on the cheek lines so the ears connect. Next we want to draw thick lines for the top of the eyes and eyelashes. From the outer edges, w   


Draw horizontal ovals for the irises and pupils inside the eyes. Draw a tiny V for the nose, and a thin swoosh for the curve of the nose. A horizontal swoosh with a little notch at the end gives him a cute expression. With his eyebrows covered up, yo   


We'll transition to some thinner lines as we draw the angles of the shirt collar.


This is a fun little step. The jacket of the uniform can be drawn with straight lines and hard angles. Draw part of the collar peeking up behind the shirt collar. Then we'll use big L-shapes for the inner edge of the coat. A W shape closes in the bot   


Let's add a little Zorro "Z" swish across the chest for some wrinkles in the shirt. From there we'll outline the legs using more straight lines and hard angles. The straight-line-to-curve on the lower legs gives us a nice sharp shape. There are small   


Now we'll refine the shape of the shoes. Shoes are tricky. I suggest picking up a pair of shoes and looking at them to get the angles and shapes right in your drawing.


More straight lines and angles for the outer edge of the jacket. The shoulder on the left is drawn as a sharp triangular shape. We can add some slight curvature to the lower edges of the jacket as it moves around in space.


We want to keep a hard, angular look to the hands, so we're using lots of straight lines and boxy rectangle shapes. Check your own hands to see how these angles work. You're just going to simplify what you see in real life.


Now we'll start to fill in some black areas to create interesting graphic shapes.


Here's where we'll really start to play with silhouettes. Though the shift cuffs will be white, the rest of the arms will be stark black. In order to retain some overlap of shapes and keep a 3D feel to the arms, we'll just substitute white for the bl   


We have some interesting stuff going on with the legs. The pants are black, but we want to leave some white areas for some highlight. Let's do that on the outer edge of the legs. Since one leg is bent, and we'll generally have the light coming from t   


In this final step, we want to go back in and either erase or paint white stitches on the jacket. Again, with pen and paper alone, you would have to outline each stitch as a tiny rectangle and then fill in black around them. Time consuming! Still, t   

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May 21, 2014

Description: Something a little different for me. Although it's not my first chibi, I don't usually draw anime pretty boys. This is Yu Narukami, the main character from Persona 4, and part of the cast of Persona 4 Arena and the upcoming Persona Q for 3DS. Thanks to Textureking for the texture on the colored art. Gotta get out and snap some texture photos of my own. Anyway, let's get to drawing!

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