How to Draw Skylanders Cynder

Artist: SpyroXCynder / December 16, 2012

Step 1.

First off, like every other tutorial, draw the guidelines.

Step 2.

Now, you draw the head, horns, wings, eyes, and head designs.

Step 3.

Now, you draw the tail in the back there, arms, then legs, and draw the stand Cynder's standing on.

Step 4.

Now, you draw the scales on the face and finish drawing that little bit of stand left.

Step 5.

Now, draw the scales on the arms and legs.

Step 6.

Draw scales on the tail. That's the last of the scales in pencil.

Step 7.

Now, outline it with a PRECISE V5 Rolling Ball pen. When it dries, erase to get rid of those pesky pencil lines.

Step 8.

Now, reshade all of those parts that need shading. You're so close to being done!

Step 9.

Now, color! I hope you enjoyed "How to Draw Skylanders Cynder Figure Step by Step"!

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Artist: SpyroXCynder
Date Added: December 16, 2012
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Description: Hey there! I have a feeling this one will be VERY popular, considering the amount of time, energy, and hard work into it! I am very proud of this one! Please note I DO NOT LIKE SKYLANDERS, ONLY because of what they did to Spyro and Cynder... >:( . Soo... I hope you try this one, and enjoy! SpyroXCynder