How to Draw Bash, Skylanders

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Okay lets get started. Start with the shape for the head and then draw out the oval shape for his body. Sketch in the face guides and move along to step two.


Begin drawing out the very strong, chiseled face for Bash starting with the shape of his actual head. Next, draw the angled brows like so, and hen draw in the squared shaped snout, as well as bottom jaw and jawline. End this step by adding a few wrin   


Draw in both of Bash's eyes like so, and color in his pupils. Draw the raised brow on the right eye, and then draw some more definition to the snout in the form of wrinkle or snarl lines. Draw in the other nostril and nostril hole, and then fill the    


You are almost done guys just a little further to go. Take your time as you tackle the task of drawing out the entire body. Bash has a very robust, or thick body structure as you can see here so when you draw the chest and legs make sure to do so in    


Draw in the various spikes all over the dragon's body and as you can see the spikes are larger on the head, but get smaller on the tail tip, and legs. Draw in the toenail lines on each foot, and then add some minor detailing to finish your Bash. Eras   


Now that your drawing is all cleaned up, you can add the skin pads on the forehead and then draw in the cracked lines that is scattered throughout the body.


Here is your finished drawing when all is said and done, now you can color in Bash, and add him next to the other Skylanders you drew in the past.

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January 17, 2012

Description: Here is another dragon species from the new Spyro adventure game, Skylanders. So many people have been asking me to draw more and more of these figures from the game series, and the more I do them, the more I see why. I mean look at this tutorial on "how to draw Bash", step by step, you know automatically that this is going to be a fun and exciting lesson to follow just because it’s a dragon species. Bash is what you call a ‘rock dragon’, and like the rest of the gang he too is a playable character in the series. As of right now there isn’t a whole lot of background information on him because I guess he’s still a character in the works. What I can tell you is that his element is earth, and he uses his tail with the spiked ball at the tip as one of his main attack weapons. Like the Earth Benders from Avatar, Bash can also summon rocks from the ground, and hurl them at his enemies in a very destructive manner. All of the Skylanders have a signature attack and besides using his spiked tail as his weapon, Bash’s signature attack is called the ‘rock roll’. This is when he curls up into a ball, and rolls into an enemy. Now because he is covered in spikes, the ball that he forms has a number of spikes on it that he also uses to his advantage. Bash is an interesting looking character, and I think you will enjoy drawing him out. As you tackle this lesson, I will prepare my last tutorial for the day, and it will be on another incredibly cute baby animal. Adios mi amigos and enjoy!

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