How to Draw Terrafin, Skylanders

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Make three shapes, one large one for the head, and then two other shapes for the hands. Sketch in the face and arm guides like so, then proceed to step two.


Begin drawing out the shape of the shark's head. This should also include the muzzle, jaw, and teeth. The back end of the neck thins out a bit.


Draw in the snout detailing like so, and then draw the eye, color in a pupil, and then draw the tiger like stripes on the sides of the face for the gills. Draw the mouth and or teeth then move to the next step.


Here you will draw out the arm, and large oversized hand. Draw in the four spikes for the brass knuckles and then add some muscle definition on the upper part of his arm.


Well guys, you are almost done with your tutorial. Draw in his leg and then the foot which looks very much like a fin. Sketch in the strong muscle detailing on the leg, and then draw in the other arm and fist as well as the spikes for the brass knuck   


This is it, the last drawing step. All that is left to do now is draw in the skin texture detailing which are in the form of bubbles. These bubble shapes are in different sizes so be creative when you add them. Clean up the drawing and that's it.


This is it guys, your finished drawing of Terrafin. Color him in and you are all done. Great job folks, I hope you had fun.

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January 14, 2012

Description: I have another Skylander for you all and this time it is going to be a character that comes from the depths of the sea. Today you will be learning "how to draw Terrafin", step by step and he is a character that is only available with the ‘Pirate Seas’ Adventure pack. His species is a dirt shark and one of the things that these dirt sharks do is burrow under the ground, only to jump out and hit the enemies with a body-slam. Terrafin also has these huge hands and wrists that almost look like boxing gloves or something. He can also hurt his enemies effectively by punching them. He also has a few other abilities like earth swim, razorfin, mega bellyflop, and brass knuckles. If you are a fan of dirt sharks, you will love this lesson on drawing Terrafin too. Have fun and make sure to leave a comment, rating or even fav this lesson. Whatever you want to do is just great!

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