How to Draw Tree Rex, Skylanders Giants


Ok, simple drawing first. Let's start with some guide lines. I actually drew more here than I would normally. The body shape is really simple. Draw a hexagon for the torso, and a small triangle for the pelvis below. Next draw the shoulder pads, then    


Since the jaw overlaps the rest of the face, we'll draw that first. The chin is drawn like the end of a sawed-off log. The sides of the jaw are actually the same, but from this angle we won't see the tree rings. Draw two sharp teeth and we can move o   


Draw a single line across the face for the eyebrow, and use a couple of curves to add the eyes beneath that. Add a rounded rectangle on the forehead, and then outline the edge of the brow wrapping around into the cheekbones.


Now we'll draw the ridiculous horns to finish off the head. They're wider at the top ends than where they connect to the head. The ends are like sawed-off logs again. Just below the base of each horn is a small spike sticking out to the side. We can    


This guy is pretty much just made up of log shapes. We have a larger horizontal log for the torso. Note the smaller wrinkles on the upper sides of the torso. That's where the arms will connect. Beneath that, the wrinkles are longer and smoother, wrap   


The knees are just the end of sawed-off logs or tree trunks. You can either draw one big spiral from the center outward, or you can draw concentric circles from the center out. Technically the circle would be more accurate. Rings, rather... but spira   


Here we'll draw the chest plate and the stomach plate. These are like slabs of wood, so be sure to keep them textured on the ends. This is like old wood that's been sitting around for decades or longer, so it's more gnarled and beat-up. Next, outline   


Each forearm is different. The one on the right of the drawing is just more wood texture. There's one big log end on the knuckle area, and the rest of the shape is made up of big lumps. The opposite forearm, or gauntlet, is covered in five small spik   


Draw in the remaining two small spikes on the forearm. Next, draw in the fingers. Simple, two-section fingers will do. I used a question-mark shape with some extra swirl on the end for the first line of each finger, ending in the swirly knuckle. Fina   


Detail time! The main design element here is the three-leaf symbol on the forehead. He's a Life Element Skylander, and I'm pretty sure that's what that symbol represents. Most of what's left to draw is just tree texture. The main thing is to draw lon   


The inks.


...and some colors.


Ok, that was fun. Now let's try it again with a bit more detail and personality. We'll use these guide lines for a more dynamic pose. The head is angled, the arms are raised, the legs are spread, and the body is turned slightly.


Let's tackle the face in one go, now that we already know the basics of how it should look. I used smaller lines on the face than for the rest of the drawing. Use wrinkles in the outlines to give each shape more dimension. On the inside of the wooden   


Outline the horns next. Breaking up the outline with shorter, abstract lines will help to give this guy an organic look.


Detail time. Note how the forehead symbol is now carved into the forehead plate. Since we're looking up at his face, we see the inner edge toward the top, but not the bottom of each leaf inlay. Use deep wrinkles along the horns, thicker toward the mi   


Note the direction of the wrinkles and ridges here. You can use these lines to express each individual shape. Use a thick outline to make sure each shape remains bold and doesn't get lost in the detail. I probably could have used a thicker line on th   


Forearms again, but this time we see the bottom of his left forearm and hand. Use your own fist for quick reference, even though these fingers are cartoony. Note how the spikes are sharper and more triangular on the outside edge of the other forearm.   


Boom! Fingersfeetupperarms! I wanted to add more detail an another knuckle to each of the fingers this time around. All the main shapes are the same as in the simple drawing, but the rendering is more detailed. Break up the outlines. Use more fluid l   


Detail time again. Same rule for the main wrinkles and ridges. Start at one end and draw long-ways toward the middle of each log. Start thick and end thin. Draw wrinkles from each end of the shape, but not from the sides inward. You can add a few tin   


Mossy pants. This is sort of an odd design choice, but that's how he looks. Figure out the main shapes of the thighs and pelvis, and just wrap them with leafy detail. Adding more thick detail close to the edges and using less and thinner detail towar   


I'm surprised I haven't said it before now, but feel free to look out a window or look up photos of trees for reference. Tree bark can have some pretty interesting shapes in it, especially the knots. Here we're just drawing in the shoulder pads, and    


There's something about an inked piece of line art... Anyway, that's it! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I had fun drawing it. Be sure to post your finished drawings if you can, and let me know if you'd like to see any other Skylanders characters.    

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November 27, 2012

Description: Hey guys. This time I'm going to be drawing one of the big guys from Skylanders Giants. The designs of those characters are pretty cool, so I hope you enjoy the tutorial. I'll be doing a simple version and a more complex version so everyone can follow along.

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