How to draw skylanders, whirlwind


First of all, we need to start with the main guide lines. Start by drawing a circle with a line through it to show you where the eyes lay. You can do any facial expression, which I chose to be stern looking as it is a hero! Next, draw a body attached   


Next, start to draw the outlines for eyes which are on the line and add the shape of the nose too. Plus, add the shape of the horn and a couple of spikes going down the back. After that, put 2 ears in and put the insides too! Add the mouth in anyway    


After that, this is quite simple! Just add the back step in so it looks like its standing on something which is what we want to do! as we are adding that bit on later. Make sure you correct the guidelines and put the claws in and make sure you use th   


The next part is quite hard and involves a lot of shading. I just used a normal pencil so any pencil will do. You draw little feathers on the inside of your wing guidelines to start with. Then, on the other side do the exact same. The two ovals you d   


The next step is doing the tail which also involves some shading. Do the exact same thing which you did with the wings within the tail guidelines. Just add the feathers and do the same shading which you did on the wings. Now erase the guidelines agai   


Right! Now we are going to do the cloud which it sits on as it is an air skylander. That's why we needed to do the hind leg up a bit so it looks like its perched actually on top of the cloud itself! First, start to draw curvy lines any pattern you wo   


This bit is really easy! it connects with the cloud and is the colourful bit which is used underneath the skylander to make it detect the sensors in the skylander to work each skylander has a different one on. so it is a really nice colour. All you h   


The last step! You don't have to do this step if your happy about it the way it is. But what I did was go over the lines with a fine liner to make it stand out. TAKE CARE! I would recommend not to go over each individual feather just the outside of i   

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April 7, 2013

Description: Hey guys! My second tutorial! Now I have heard about a game called skylander giants and thought it would be cool to do a character called whirlwind, a blue dragon which helps saves the universe from the evil kaos. It was a challenge and I am happy how it came out looking. This is my first attempt to do a skylander so if you have any furthermore requests, please send them to me thanks. :D hope you enjoyed my tutorial!

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