How to Draw Chao

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This should be an easy lesson to learn how to draw. Start with a round shape for the head of this Sonic character and then add the facial guidelines. Draw antenna like lines on the head and then a halo shape. Next draw the arms and attach the shapes    


Draw the shape of the Chao's head as you see here and be sure to add rabbit ear shapes. Then draw the shrugged shoulder and beginning wing.


Draw the simple shaped wings which only have two large feathers, and then start the sketching of the arms as you see here.


Now you will completley draw out Chao's body which consists of the arm, but, feet and or legs and then a ball for a tail.


Draw a donut sized halo, and then draw in the oval shaped eyes, and friendly smile. You will also need to shade in the eyes too but leave a solid white shape behind. Erase the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one.


You now have a completed drawing of Hero Chao and I'm sure you think you did a great job. Color it in and you're all done. Great work guys and keep up the effort. Join me for another free online drawing lesson.

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February 17, 2010

Description: There are three chaos in the Sonic game series and I already uploaded two of them, Dark chao, and Cheese chao. This lesson is going to show you "how to draw chao” Hero. Hero is probably the cutest out of them all because it looks like a little angel. These creatures have pudding like bodies and are incredibly identical to human babies. They have different personalities for each version, but one thing remains the same with them all, they are all cute, and they love playing with toys. Their creator was Professor Chao, and he only had a small role in Sonic Adventure 2. They are born when they hatch from eggs, and their diets consists of fruits that are found only in trees. If you want to find a chao egg, all you have to do is venture to Chao Gardens. The chao was originally designed to be neutral, and it was the players job to raise them to be either Dark Chao, or Hero Chao. No matter what version you choose to draw, the difficulty will remain the same, easy. I think I should shut up because it's time for you to learn "how to draw Chao", and design them to be either dark or hero. That does it for me today. I will be back another tomorrow with more lessons for all you inspiring artists out there. Peace out people, and keep those pencils in your hands until you fall asleep. Adios me amigos!

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