How to Draw Cream the Rabbit


As always, first you need to start eith a guideline. Dra a large circle for the head that's attached to the body.Draw the limbs, feet and hands.


Now you will need to add the long ears, skirt and the muzzle thingy. Also, start adding some detail to the shoes.


Now, thicken the limbsdraw the eyes and add further detail to the shoes. Don't forget the cuffs (I don't know what they're called if I'm wrong)for the gloves.


Ok. Now to step 4. Finish the hands, shoes and draw the nose, mouth, eyelashes, the designs on the face and the buttons on the cuffs. Don't forget to draw the collar aswell.


Ok now you will need to add the finishing details. Not a lot. Draw the pupils, the tie thing and don't forget the lines on the soles of the shoes.


Finished! Just go over the correct lines in pen, rub out the pencil, and you've got your picture. Colour it in if you want and enjoy!

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July 1, 2010

Description: This is my first tutorial in a while because I was meant to get a paper round soon and i was gonna save my money from it to get a Wacom but it still hasn't come and I need to do more tutorials because I'm falling behind. I hope this ones helpful!

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