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How to Draw Amy Rose

Artist: nin_mario64 / April 6, 2010
How to Draw Amy Rose

Step 1.

OK. First start a simple guideline. Draw a large round circle for the head with the the limbs attached to the oval shaped body. Don't forget the hammer.

Step 2.

Now we need to draw the eyes the outline to the skirt and put a little detail into the hammer. Draw detail to the shoes and make them look more like boots and draw simple guidlines to the spikes on the back of her head.

Step 3.

Lets start to add some of the bassic detail. Draw the eyelashes, muzzle and nose. Add the guideline to the spikes on the front of her head and add some crease lines to the boots. Put detail on the hammer, finish the arms, legs and hands and draw the    

Step 4.

Draw the mouth, pupils and spikes on the back and front of her head. Remember the crease lines to her skirt and her triangular,pointy ears. Add the design to her boots and hand at the back. Don't miss out the crease lines to the cuffs of her boots.

Step 5.

Now its time to add the final detail. Draw her tail, finer detail to her eyes and hair band and back of her head.

Step 6.

Now draw over the correct lines in pen, rub out the unneeded pencil lines, colour if desired and you've finished your picture.

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