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How to draw knuckles

Artist: nin_mario64 / April 4, 2010
How to draw knuckles

Step 1.

As always, start with a guideline made yp of a circular head, a body and the limbs attached to the body with straight lines. Remember to draw the shapes for the hands and shoes aswell.

Step 2.

Now we need to add some triangular, evil looking eyes. Draw the U-shaped design on his body and put the cuffs on his shoes and gloves.

Step 3.

OK. Now add some curves for the spikes on the back of his head, draw the simple guidelint to the designs on his shoes, draw the legs and the simple lines for his fingers.

Step 4.

Now we've got to add some detail. Draw the spikes on his gloves, the strap like design on his shoes and the thumbs. Add the muzzle and the mouth and remember to draw the pupils, arms and finish the spikes on the back of his head.

Step 5.

Finishing off now. Draw the thing on the top of his shoes, the spikes at the very back of his head and his tail. Don't miss out the finer detail that are the teeth and the finish to the eyes.

Step 6.

Your knuckles is now finished. All you need to do now is colour if you want and your finished. Well done!!!

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