How to Draw Ren and Stimpy

Artist: Dawn / May 1, 2010

Step 1.

Start by drawing two circle shapes, and then add the facial guidelines. Next sketch out the shapes of the bodies, and then the wire like lines for the legs.

Step 2.

Now begin drawing out the beginning parts of the eyes, and then sketch out the nose for Stimpy, and then the mouths. Draw the one eye, and then draw the shape of Ren's mouth.

Step 3.

Draw the eyes for Stimpy, and the mask around the eyes. You will draw the other bulging eye for Ren, and then add the pupils. Once that is all taken care of, you will draw the great big smile on Stimpy's face which also has his tongue sticking out an   

Step 4.

Step four is all about drawing Ren and Stimpy's bodies. Start with Stimpy because he is easier and because he's first. Draw his big belly, and then draw his legs and feet. Next, sketch out Ren's neck, back, and legs, and then some of his hand, and er   

Step 5.

Your last drawing step is going to be simple. Just draw the back, arm, hand, and butt for Stimpy, and then draw Ren's ears, arm, and hand. Erase the lines and shapes you drew in step one that you used to help you sketch out these two Nickelodeon char   

Step 6.

You are now done with this lesson on how to draw Ren and Stimpy, step by step. Have fun coloring them in because I know you love doing that!

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Over the years there has been countless cartoons that are made to make people laugh in an unbelievable way. Most of the time, characters are paired up in duo's so that the episodes and series have what you call slap stick humor. A while back I did tutorials on two of my favorite characters. One is a cat named Stimpy, and the other is a skinny Chihuahua named Ren. The two buddies are what you call complete opposites in many ways. For one, Ren is a bit more serious, and Stimpy is just lazy, fat, and he is even said to be a bit brain damaged. Ren has a bad case of asthma, and unlike other regular chihuahuas, Ren's tail is oddly long, and pink looking much like a rodent's tail. His full name is “Ren Höek, and to be completely honest, he is real close to being a full blown psycho path. Yes Stimpy may be stupid, but he never once leads the viewer to believe that he is insane. Unless he is upset about something that is. Instead, this obese cat loves sniffing and playing in his dirty litter box, and some how make Ren's life harder and more complicated. Nonetheless, the cat dog combo are still best friends, and that is why I wanted to do a lesson on “how to draw Ren and Stimpy”, as a pair. They will forever be BFFL, until the writers say different. This lesson is going to be super duper fun, and when you are done, don't forget to color in the two famous characters that made cartoon history.