How to Draw a Realistic Dog, Draw Real Dog

Artist: Dawn / February 18, 2017

Step 1.

Here is a sketch on the many different types of dog heads that you can choose from when you want to sketch out a realistic dog. Note how there is also a variety of poses that you can draw your dog looking in, or standing as.

Step 2.

This is a cool sketch of the different views of the digs eyes. Have a look at this diagram, to get an idea on how to add shading, and color when detailing the eyes of a realistic dog.

Step 3.

Now we will start drawing out the German Shepherd. This is the breed I chose to do a realistic sketch on. The sketch is very simple and basic with only a mild touch of detailing. Start by drawing the head, and then sketch out the shape of the neck. Y   

Step 4.

This is when you will start sketching out the shape of the Germans ears, and then the size and structure of the head, muzzle, and jaw. As you can see this realistic dog has his tongue hanging out.

Step 5.

Begin sketching out the shape of the body, this includes the back, neck, chest, and front leg lines.

Step 6.

Wow, look how far you have gotten with this tutorial. What you can now work on is sketching out the rest of the front legs, and paws, and then sketch out the belly, and hind legs like so. The hocks of a German Shepherd should be a bit hairy.

Step 7.

Here is what your GSD looks like before you start finishing him/her off. This will be your last drawing step, so what you will do first is sketch out the hind legs, and bushy tail. Add some detailing to the front legs, and then sketch the fur lining    

Step 8.

When you are done, your drawing should come out looking like the one you see here. Add darker shading on the muzzle, along the back, and on the forehead and ear tips. I hope you had fun learning how to draw a realistic dog, step by step.

Step 9.

I seen that a lot of people have been requesting me to do a tutorial on the dog featured in the main image. To start this step off, draw the basic guidelines that support the head.

Step 10.

Draw the eyes and nose for this cute little dog. After that, move onto the next step.

Step 11.

Here you'll finish off the nose and start sculpting out the rest of its face. Stay close to the guidelines, it will help a lot!

Step 12.

Sketch out the markings and you should be done! There's no line art for this one, the finished image should be the main image above. I hope you enjoyed this, thanks for visiting!

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: February 18, 2017
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Description: You didn't think I was going to submit a tutorial on a realistic cat, and not do a lesson on a realistic dog did you? After the cuteness spilled from the cat, I knew I had to draw a realistic dog too. I sketched out this lovable pet while I was live yesterday, and it was wicked fun. I love drawing for you guys, and I especially like it when I have the live-cam on too. It's feels like I'm interacting with you all. Anyway, this sketch took me about two hours to draw using just color, and strokes. Instead of making a sketch first of a realistic dog, I decided to just digitally paint the pooch instead. Even though there is no sketch for the main thumbnail or image, I still sketched out some awesome tips, and a nice version of a realistic dog witch happens to be a German Shepherd. I chose the Shepherd because I myself have two of these dogs. I have an all black one, and a silver and black one. I like my black GSD better because he is so bold, and majestic, and he reminds me of Anubis. The female is more like a nanny, which makes her sorta of boring. This lesson includes extra tips, some sketches of how the yes of a dog looks different with three separate views, and different shapes of dogs heads to help you understand the concept of shapes, and sizes. Instead of putting this tutorial under the advanced difficulty, I'll just label it intermediate, that way there everybody can give this tutorial a go on "how to draw a realistic dog", step by step. The end results will look amazing, especially if you are a big GSD lover. I also have a lesson on how to draw a puppy and a tutorial on how to draw a dog that you can check out as well if you like. I have to depart, but I will return. When I come back I will bring another lesson along with me. Peace peeps, and have fun!