How to Draw Mickey and Minnie

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Draw two circles for their heads, and then add the facial guidelines. Next draw the wire framing for the bodies like so.


Now, let's have some fun and start drawing in the eyes, noses, and mouths. As you can see Mickey has a nose already drawn in too. When you are finished here, you can move to step three.


Okay, Now begin sketching out both Mickey, and Minnie's heads. Their faces are round, and so are their ears. Once you are done, you can move to step four. See how easy it is to draw Mickey and Minnie!


Draw the lining for their face frame which is always colored black. The next thing you want to do is draw out the big bow on Minnie's head, and then add the pretty long lashes. Next draw her nose, mouth, and start the lining for her puffed shoulder s   


The thing I want you guys to do here is draw the rest of Minnie's clothes which is a cute summer dress, and then draw Mickey's gloved hand that is in his pocket, and then his signature shorts that have two buttons the same shape and size of his eyes.


Draw the black pupils in both of their eyes, and then add some detailing to Minnie's bow. You will then draw the noodle textured legs for Minnie, and then draw Mickey's legs, and top half of his shoes.


You are ready to finish drawing Mickey and Minnie. Draw her shoes, and then draw his big shoes. Erase the lines and shapes you drew in step one.


You are all done with this drawing now that it's cleaned up. Now is the time to have some crazy fun when you start coloring Mickey and Minnie as a couple.

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May 4, 2010

Description: I guess you guys liked the lesson I did that consisted of two characters from a cartoon series. Today I thought I would draw another famous cartoon couple, and this time they will be from the Disney Collection. You know of Donald and Daisy right? Well, how about a tutorial on "how to draw Mickey and Minnie", step by step. These two characters are some of the main members that Walt Disney started his dream with. I have always been a fan of Minnie Mouse because she always reminded me of a meek, quiet, sensitive mouse that was always eager to give a helping hand. But even though she seemed really sweet, there was also a dark side to the soft toned Minnie. As you know Minnie was Mickey's girlfriend, and one of the things that will set of Minnie's “other side”, is the nonsense that Mickey sometimes pulls. Like Daisy Duck, she will become extremely upset if Mickey does something wrong. I think that Mickey sometimes wants to do something bad so that Minnie pays attention to him. No matter how you think of these two Disney stars, there is no denying that when you “draw Mickey and Minnie” as a pair, there is no doubt that they are the sweetest couple around. The fun thing about coloring Minnie Mouse, is the ability to have her wear anything, in any shade there is. I had fun sketching the two main characters of “Mickey's ClubHouse”, and I think you will too. I will be back once more so come back, or stay tuned in. Peace peeps, and remember to have some fun!

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