Draw a Stuffed Monkey, Stuffed Animal Drawing

Artist: Dawn / October 6, 2020

Step 1.

We will begin like we always do and that is with two circles. One for the head and another for the body. As you can see the head guide is larger than the body. Sketch in the facial guidelines too.

Step 2.

We will use the head guide to form the shape of the monkey's head and face. You will need to draw the tuft of hair on top of the head as well as the curved vertical stitch line down the face.

Step 3.

The monkey face should be drawn to look adorable so to achieve this goal, you will draw and color in two big round eyes. When that is done draw the small nose and the puckered frowned mouth. Add the brows too.

Step 4.

Up next, draw the large, round monkey ears. You will also need to draw the stitched lines as well since this is a stuffed animal.

Step 5.

Go ahead and begin the drawing process for the monkey body. Start with the long arms and then draw the legs. You will also need to draw the hands and feet too, but when you do this have the hands positioned in a relaxed pose. Add the stitching throug   

Step 6.

To finish off your stuffed monkey, al you need to do is draw the tail and the marking line on the belly. Add some stitching to the tail and belly, then you can erase the mistakes and some of the guides.

Step 7.

You are now all done. Color in your cute drawing of this stuffed animal of a monkey and don't forget to show folks what you have drawn.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: October 6, 2020
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Tags: how to draw monkeys, how to draw stuffed animals
Description: So, I've been thinking a lot about doing a stuffed animal series and today I will start with one of my concept ideas with this lesson on how to draw a stuffed monkey, step by step. This money came out pretty cute. I love the stitched look it has instead of a typical looking stuffed animal. The big round ears and long limbs gives this adorable money it's innocent look. I do hope you guys enjoy this tutorial. I will be back soon with more drawing fun for you all so don't forget to come back around to see what's new in Drawing Hub town.