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How to Draw Penny Peterson from Peabody and Sherman

Artist: maemaevana / April 2, 2014
How to Draw Penny Peterson from Peabody and Sherman

Step 1.

First draw the base

Step 2.

draw the head, and the hair with a small curl

Step 3.

draw the arms with the help of the base, this step is a bit difficult

Step 4.

draw the dress and add the stripes

Step 5.

finish the stockings and draw the buckled shoes. This also might be hard for you.

Step 6.

her eyes are very big, and finish the hair. The lips are thin and keep her nose small

Step 7.

yayyyyy!!!!!! You finished! Now be creative and color her in with different colors and try shading in different places.

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Artist: maemaevana
Date Added: April 2, 2014
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Tags: how to draw peabody and sherman characters
Description: Just a small tutorial again how to draw Penny from an animated movie called "Peabody & Sherman." This tutorial is a bit hard but i bet you can do it! Good luck!