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Grease Monkey Drawing

Artist: Dawn / April 17, 2016
Grease Monkey Drawing

Step 1.

We will begin with the guides and shapes for the grease monkey. Start with the head, torso and pelvic area and when that is done you can draw in the guidelines for the face, arms and legs.

Step 2.

Using the facial guide that you previously made, begin to sketch out the shape of the grease monkey's face structure. As you can see it's very defined and odd looking. Add the tuft of hair on the head and then draw in the eyes, nose and detailing ins   

Step 3.

Here you will finish the face by drawing the mouth shape. As you can see it's in an angry expressive pose with teeth showing. Don't forget the forehead wrinkles and add some chin whiskers.

Step 4.

Let us get started with the body next. Draw the torso in the form of the shirt. The shirt is tattered and worn, just like a real mechanic's clothing would look. Add the strap across the chest which is attached to the welding tank.

Step 5.

Draw the arms in an upright pose or positioned above the head. Add the arm hair and then the belly detailing.

Step 6.

We will now draw in the wrench that this grease monkey is holding. Add detailing and dimension to the wrench as well.

Step 7.

Okay guys, we are almost done drawing this grease monkey. Draw the legs and or pants and when you do this be sure to add the holes in the pants and seam lines around the pant legs.

Step 8.

Draw the tank on his back, and then draw the boots. Add detailing to the bottom of the sole and then add detailing to the tank. Don't forget to draw the gun for the blow torch. Erase the mistakes and guides as well.

Step 9.

Here is the line art. Just add some color and you are all done.

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Dawn · 4 years ago
Artist: Dawn
Date Added: April 17, 2016
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Tags: how to draw monkeys, how to draw mechanics
Description: Hey guys, today I am back and with my return I will be showing you all how to draw a grease monkey, step by step. When people refer to mechanics as grease monkeys they usually give them this label because they are people who work on cars, trucks, or even welders. I really love the way this drawing came out. It is a concept that I conjured up myself and was brought on because as of right now, I have had three different mechanics work on my truck and none of them have solved the problem thus far. All I have had was the pleasure of meeting three grease monkeys and now today you will be drawing on. Have fun and let me know if you enjoyed this concept.