How to Draw Pinkie Fly

Artist: crazyfruitcake / June 17, 2014

Step 1.

The first step is to make a basic skeleton, and where the balloons will be placed.

Step 2.

I always like to start with the head first, so I we shape out the nose+ mouth, and the hair.

Step 3.

Next add her back and legs, and make sure that her back is long and curved enough to fit the balloon strings.

Step 4.

Now add her big fluffy tail! This is my favorite part. Make sure to make her tail wild and curly!

Step 5.

Balloon time! You can add as many balloons as you want.

Step 6.

Connect the balloons with strings to her back. Make it look like they're tied on there!

Step 7.

Finally, add her balloon cutie mark, and her eye. Then color! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Step 8.

All done! Now alls left to do is color! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and have fun with your flying Pinkie Pie!

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Artist: crazyfruitcake
Date Added: June 17, 2014
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Tags: how to draw my little pony, how to draw my little pony characters
Description: Someone requested me to make my original doodle into a tutorial, so wish granted! Here's Pinkie Pie, floating around with some balloons. Hope you all like it!