How to Draw Dragon Derpy Hooves


Start off with three shapes, one for the head, another for the body and one for the rear end.


Sketch out the face starting with muzzle. The lining for the teeth should just be simple notched spaces.


Up next, draw in the rest of the teeth, then color in the nostril.


You can now draw Derpy's hair which is supposed to be the mane in a boyish manner. Once that is done draw in the horns which act as ears.


Now we can have fun by drawing dragon Derpy's eyes. As you can see they should look discombobulated. Add lashes and then proceed to step six.


Begin working on the body starting with the long slender neck, then draw in some of the back and chest.


When that is done you can draw the front leg and talon or paw.


Begin drawing the second talon or hand.


Here you will finish drawing the shape of the body, and with that you will need to draw the back thigh.


Add the rest of the leg and be sure to draw in the foot. Notice how the toes flare out to look larger then the rest of the leg.


Draw in dragon Derpy's other leg on the inside of the first one you just made.


Now you can draw in the long simple looking tail.


Start the drawing process for the wing by drawing the arm of the wing.


Draw in the other wing and then sketch in the skin based tissue to complete the formation of the wings.


Lastly, draw in dragon Derpy's cutie mark on the back thigh like so. Erase the mistakes and guides then you're done.


Here is the finished drawing when finished. Now you can have a blast coloring in dragon Derpy Hooves.

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May 29, 2014

Description: The next few lessons will be on dragon versions on some of your favorite My Little Pony characters. To start, I will show you "how to draw dragon Derpy Hooves", step by step. This should be a relatively easy lesson to tackle even if you are a novice artist. There is no big complicated aspect to drawing this dragon version of Derpy Hooves. I tried keeping some of Derpy's characteristics the same like the eyes, color of her character as well as the expressive look on her face. Anyways, go ahead and enjoy this tut and I will be back with more.

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