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Draw a Raccoon

Artist: crazyfruitcake / March 13, 2012
Draw a Raccoon

Step 1.

First, draw an oval for the head, a big long oval for the body, and triangular-ish shapes for the ears.

Step 2.

Next, outline the head and make some little fuzzy whatever they're called on the side of its head.

Step 3.

For the nose, you draw an oval, and a sideways 3 under it. Then you draw two long ovals for the eyes.

Step 4.

Now make the little bandit looking coloration over its eyes and fill the eyes in with pupils.

Step 5.

Now make his arms kind of shaped like a squash. Their fat on the end and then they get thinner towards the fingers. Then draw the legs lightly, because you are going to erase one of them.

Step 6.

Now, you make the tail. Erase its left leg and make a fat fluffy tail curving around as shown.

Step 7.

Now give the tail stripes, and make an oval shaped foot with a paw on the bottom and some claws on top.

Step 8.

Now you draw the inside of the ears by just making a smaller version of the ear inside of it.

Step 9.

Hooray! You're done! Now you have a cute little raccoon!

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Artist: crazyfruitcake
Date Added: March 13, 2012
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Tags: how to draw raccoons
Description: What's this? Another cute little animal? Why, yes, yes it is! This time it's a raccoon. Tell me what you think of it.