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How to draw my little pony in princess version

Artist: Amira_the_artist / October 14, 2012
How to draw my little pony in princess version

Step 1.

first of all you must know the difference between a normal pony and the princess pony. this one is a princess pony, as you can see it has a long neck, long legs, large wings and a long horn, also it has a kinda squared face.

Step 2.

this one is a normal pony. it has average wings, short fat legs, and a small horn. the male normal head is like the shape of the princess form pony head

Step 3.

these are how the head is seen from different sides and if you are drawing the princess form then see the male side

Step 4.

you can try out many different eyes and many different emotions, and that's the fun part about drawing a pony.

Step 5.

these are some examples of leg poses (front and back).

Step 6.

and now for mane and tail styles and there are some but you can create your own hair styles, of course.

Step 7.

and now to draw, draw one circle and then draw two other stick to each other below the first as shown.

Step 8.

now draw a part of the neck as shown and don't forget the ear and detail it.

Step 9.

now draw the head and the two side legs as you see.

Step 10.

then draw the eye, the other front leg and the torso, also don't forget the mouth and the nose.

Step 11.

now it's time for hair and the other back leg.

Step 12.

now draw the tail, the rest of the neck and the rest of the hair. also notice the Cutie mark; it's like a sea star

Step 13.

and now you have finished so have fun coloring it

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Artist: Amira_the_artist
Date Added: October 14, 2012
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Tags: how to draw my little pony
Description: its a tutorial of how to draw a my little pony in princess version like princess Celestia