How to Draw Pinkie Pie, My Little Pony

Artist: Nickmoble / November 8, 2012

Step 1.

First, we start with the basic shapes for our head and body. (Sorry I forgot the guideline for the eyes!)

Step 2.

Then, we will draw the front of her head, along with the first part of her hair, face, and ear.

Step 3.

Now, we shall finish the remaining part of her mane/hair. Her hair is kinda crazy so don't forget the loops and bumps!

Step 4.

Next, we draw in her body. Pretty simple, and her right hoof is cut off because of the cannon.

Step 5.

After, we will make her tail to match her mane.

Step 6.

Now, we make her cutie mark which are three balloons.

Step 7.

Now we will draw the cannon (again sorry for no guidelines!) If we didn't draw the cannon it would just look strange to have Pinkie in that position. If you don't want to draw the cannon, you can make it look as if she had balloons tied to her tail.

Step 8.

And that's it! Hope you had a good time drawing Pinkie Pie! I'll see you all next time!

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Artist: Nickmoble
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Description: Hey everyone! After dealing with the storm, and a blackout that lasted a week I'm finally back! And with me I brought a fun MLP tutorial of Pinkie Pie! Requested by dkcool. If you're a fan of MLP you'll know that Pinkie Pie is one of the most energetic/random ponies on the show. But it makes her one of a kind, and she does add a lot to the show. I'll stop myself there, but I hope you all have a fun time learning How to Draw Pinkie Pie!