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How to Draw Princess Luna, My Little Pony

Artist: Nickmoble / October 18, 2012
How to Draw Princess Luna, My Little Pony

Step 1.

Start with your basic guideline for the head, for the body sketch an oblong peanut shape.

Step 2.

Now begin sketching in her snout/face, along with her ear, front hooves and torso.

Step 3.

Next, is her hair, like Celestia's hair, Luna's hair is in a wavy shape. With that, sketch her horn and crown.

Step 4.

After, begin sketching her wings. Her wings are not like the other ponies, they are much longer and look more like real wings than the normal pegasus ones.

Step 5.

Now, begin sketching her flank along with her back hooves.

Step 6.

Next, sketch in her tail, like her mane the tail has a wavy form.

Step 7.

This next part is simple, and the last step! Just add in her cutie mark which is a blob of black with a crescent moon inside, and also her necklace, which has the same emblem as her mark.

Step 8.

And congrats! All done! I hope you had fun learning How to Draw Princess Luna!

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Artist: Nickmoble
Date Added: October 18, 2012
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Tags: how to draw my little pony, how to draw my little pony characters
Description: Hey everyone! I'm back again with yet another My Little Pony tutorial! And today its Princess Luna, requested by dkcool! This was a very fun drawing and I'm sure you'll all have fun doing as well! As for the character, Luna was once banished by her sister Celestia for a thousand years, she was brought back to peace when the Elements of Harmony were used on her, in the episode Luna Eclipsed she visits Ponyville, but is not met with a warm welcome for the ponyfolk still fear her even though she changed her ways. I'll stop there before I give the whole episode away! Haha, I hope that you all have fun learning How to Draw Princess Luna! Peace out!