How to Draw Morpheus, The Matrix

How to Draw Morpheus, The Matrix
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Start off by sketching basic shapes and guidelines using an HB pencil. Sketch a circle and a basic jaw shape as well as basic guidelines for the torso. Add rough marks to pinpoint where the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears will be.


Build up the features of the head. Sketch in the sunglasses and eyebrows, ears, and mouth. Round out the head and define the jaw-line.


Build up the clothing. Don't worry about details just yet. Concentrate on getting a basic layer to build upon.


Use a sharpened HB pencil to refine the main lines of the drawing. Start with the head and work downwards. Erase any unneeded lines.


Define the lines of the clothing. Again, try to erase any guidelines that will no longer be needed.


Using the same HB pencil, Shade over the figure using a hatching pattern. Shade as lightly as possible.


Now lightly shade in the darker shading using a cross-hatching pattern. Keep it simple by only worrying about the sun glasses, the dark shading around the head, the shirt, and the coat.


Use a soft pencil (6B) to start adding thicker layers of rough shading. Remember to shade as lightly as possible. Instead of adding pencil pressure to make the shading dark, progressively build it up with layers.


Use an HB pencil refine the shading. Define the dark shadows and head outline. Try not to completely shade over the texture of the skin.


Start roughly shading in Morpheus' clothing using a 6B pencil. Start with his shirt/tie and vest before moving to his coat.


Roughly shade in the iconic leather coat. Work from left to right, top to bottom.


Use an HB pencil to refine the shading of Morpheus' clothing. Again, it's easiest to work from left to right, top to bottom.


Start adding final details to the drawing. Start with the head and work downwards. Use a 6B pencil to work on the darkest shading, an HB pencil for intermediate shading and a 2H pencil for details/ light shading. Use an eraser to add highlights. A bl   


Start adding details to the clothing. Start with the left side and work from top to bottom. Use primarily 6B and HB pencils for the coat and 2H and HB pencils for the shirt, vest and tie.


Shade in the rest of Morpheus's clothing, then go over the drawing as a whole. Redefine outlines and smooth out rough shading. before calling the drawing done.

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May 21, 2014

How to draw Morpheus, played by Laurence Fishburne, from the Matrix. Graphite used: 2H for light shading/details, HB for general shading/sketching, 6B for dark shading/textures. Paper used: 2-ply Bristol Plate (Extra Smmoth).

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