How to Draw The Mummy, Boris Karloff

How to Draw The Mummy, Boris Karloff
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Start off with very basic guidelines. Base the shape of the head around a circle. Either sketch lightly with an HB pencil or use a 4H pencil to make the lines extra light.


Lightly sketch in the basic features: the eyes/eyebrows, nose, mouth, ears and neck. Sketch in the fez as well.


Erase unneeded guidelines and build up the features a bit more. Add a bit more to the eyes and eyebrows as well as the nose and mouth.


Use an HB pencil to darken the main sketch lines. Don't worry about getting perfect outlines, these lines merely serve as a starting point for the rest of the drawing.


Use an HB pencil to add some rough shading to the drawing. Use light hatching to shade over the head.


Use a blending stump to lightly blend in the shading. Don't worry too much about making the shading perfectly smooth.


Use cross-hatching to lightly shade over the darkest areas of the drawing: around the eyes, the ears, the fez and the shadows around the nose and mouth.


Use a 6B pencil to start adding rough, dark shading to the drawing. Start around the eyes. Remember that it will take multiple layers to make the shading smooth and dark.


Use an HB pencil to lightly smooth out the 6B graphite. Again, don't worry about the shading being too textured. Just worry about defining the outlines of the shadows and adding layers to the shading.


Use a 6B pencil to add rough, dark shading to the ears, hair and fez. Add a bit of rough shading to the cheekbones as well.


Use an HB pencil to add a layer of shading over the 6B graphite. Shade lightly over the skin to give it a more natural texture.


Use a 6B pencil to roughly shade the rest of the face. Keep the wrinkles and form in mind when shading.


Use an HB pencil to define the rest of the shading a bit. Clean up the outline as well.


Add a rough layer of shading to the background. This can be accomplished by crosshatching with an HB or 6B pencil and then blending in the shading with a blending stump or paper towel. Using powdered graphite will provide the smoothest shading.


Start adding the final layers of shading to the drawing. Start with the eyes and forehead. Use 6B and HB pencils to make the shadows as dark as possible. Use an HB pencil on mid-tones. If any of the lines aren't crisp enough use a 4H pencil to defin   


Add final details to the top of the drawing and ears. Remember to only use a blending stump to smooth out light shading/mid-tones. If the need arises to smooth out dark shading, Just build up layers using 6B and HB pencils.


Build up the shading on the rest of the face. Make sure to make the shadows beneath the nose and top lip as dark as the rest of the shadows.


Make one final pass over the drawing to add final details, clean up highlights, and define shadows. Go ahead and add another layer of shading and blending to the background if it isn't smooth enough before calling the drawing done.

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June 4, 2014

How to draw The Mummy as played by Boris Karloff. Graphite: 4H for light sketching/detailed shading, HB for sketching/shading, 6B for dark shading. Paper: 2-ply Bristol Plate (extra smooth).

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