How to Draw Cara Delevingne

Artist: Reactivemind / May 19, 2014

Step 1.

Draw the outline of the face, neck, ears, earrings and hair with a HB or a No.2 pencil, because you don't want those lines to be visible on her face after you finish the drawing.

Step 2.

Now draw the guidelines for the eyes, eyebrows, lips and nose.

Step 3.

Add some details to her eyebrows, eyes, lips and nose as I did. This will help as you shade it in.

Step 4.

We are going to star with the eyes. You'll begin to shape and shade them. So fill in the pupils, leaving some catchlights.

Step 5.

Next step: darkening the eyes and adding more shadow. Also, draw the eyelashes from the root(eyelid), as you can see, they're really big, so you have to be carefull 'cause you don't have to exaggerate.The lower lashes should be thinner and shorter th   

Step 6.

Start shading with a No.2 pencil diagonally around the eyes. Darken the lashlines, upper lid fold, the pupils and the upper portion of the iris of both eyes. The eyeballs should be shaded very lightly. You also have to create shadows underneath the u   

Step 7.

Shade in her eyebrows, giving them a hairy appearence. They angle up and slightly toward the outer edge of your eye. As the eye angle changes, the hairs angle further and further out toward the corner of her eye.It's time to fill them in. Working jus   

Step 8.

Add some more darkness to her eyebrows and shade around her temple.To make parts darker, do it by drawing another layer on top of the previous one, rather than trying to push harder.

Step 9.

Now add some shading details to her nose. Use a darker pencil (even a 4B is good) along the nostrils.

Step 10.

Continue with adding shades to the nose to create the illusion of a light source. Be careful not to add more lines. The more value that you add, the more your nose will look realistic.

Step 11.

Now, smudge the shadows on her nose and for highlights you can use a kneaded eraser (if you're are not satisfied and you want better results you can use white acrylics). You'll also have to shade the hair, it should be easy as far as her hair is pull   

Step 12.

You don't have to draw too many details because even in the reference picture you can't see her ears clearly. Apply some dark accents and highlights using a kneaded eraser. Then smudge.

Step 13.

Start darkening her earrings (use a 10B pencil). Don't forget to draw the small white details on them. Make a few shadows on her upper lip and then use a 8B pencil to add darkness to where the lips meet.

Step 14.

Do the same thing for the lower lip, smudge and add some highlights and a dark shadow under her lower lip.

Step 15.

Shade with a light pencil her cheek lines and her chin. And add more shadow on her lips.

Step 16.

Draw some light shadows under her chin and on her neck. Use a tissue to smudge. Then, I added the background. You can use a 10B pencil or charcoal. I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial.

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Artist: Reactivemind
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Description: Cara Delevingne (born August 12, 1992 in London, England) is a professional fashion model from the United Kingdom. Her sister Poppy Delevingne is also a model. The sisters are the granddaughters of former English Heritage boss Sir Jocelyn Stevens, who also founded the 60s pirate radio station, Radio Caroline. Cara followed in her sister's footsteps when she became the face of Burberry in 2011.She has walked in fashion shows for Clements Ribeiro, Burberry, Fashion East, Krystof Strozyna, and Louise Goldin, amongst others.She also did campaign work for Dominic Jones Jewelry, Burberry, H&M, Asos, Clark Originals, Nelly, and A|Wear.She appeared in editorials for V Magazine, Wonderland, Love, Numéro, M Magazine, and the British, American, and Brazilian editions of Vogue.She also appeared on the cover of the British Vogue Supplement.She's currently signed with Fashion Models in Milan, Storm Models in London, DNA Models in New York, and Elite Models in Paris.