How to Draw Arya Stark

Artist: DuskEyes969 / May 20, 2014

Step 1.

Begin with the guidelines for the face and jacket. Then, following the guidelines, draw the eyes , nose and lips.

Step 2.

Sketch the hair and the the jacket.

Step 3.

Start with the eyes. Shade around them with a 2B pencil. Also outline iris and make the pupil black, leaving a white dot on it.

Step 4.

Smudge the shaded area and the fill in the iris.

Step 5.

Shade again and add some details on the iris.

Step 6.

Draw the eye lashes and add some darker zones and highlights .

Step 7.

Shade the nose just a little bit, just to give it shape .

Step 8.

Smudge and shade it a bit more .

Step 9.

After you're done with the nose , shade the upper lip.

Step 10.

Shade a bit around the the mouth and add some details. Since the face is so bright you don't need a lot of shadows .

Step 11.

Using a very very light pencil, like a 4H , shade around the mouth and chin. You can use only your blending stamp for this .

Step 12.

Now, using a 2B pencil, very lightly shade the rest of the face and blend it very well.

Step 13.

Shade the forehead a bit more and add some details .Move on to the neck and make it slightly darker than the rest of the face since it's in the shadow.

Step 14.

These are the darker parts of the jacket , all the shading must connect these lines .

Step 15.

Roughly shade the jacket except the white shirt under the scarf, use the blending stamp for that.

Step 16.

Blend the jacket and shade the shirt a bit more.

Step 17.

Now shade the shirt, along with the parts which were left blank.

Step 18.

Using a sharp pencil, suggest the hair .

Step 19.

Now finish the hair using a 2B pencil .

Step 20.

Leave the drawing as it is or make a foggy background using graphite powder smudged on the paper .You're done.

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Artist: DuskEyes969
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Description: Arya stark is one of Ned Starks daughters , one of the few remaining Starks . Although her character doesn't influence the main story too much , since everyone assumes she's dead , she still plays a vital role. Unlike her sister, Arya is more of a tomboy , she's prefers swords instead of fancy dresses and doesn't like to back down from anything , taking more after her father. I hope you enjoy this tutorial on this lovely character , I loved making it.