How to Draw Tyrion Lannister


Begin with the basic guide lines of the face and shoulders . Then sketch the eyes following the guidelines .


Sketch the hair and his robe...thing.


As always , I began with the eyes. Slightly shade the darker parts using a 2B pencil. Doodle with the eyebrows a bit, this is not their final form, just to get an idea on how they grow.


Work on the eyebrows a bit more and shade the iris and the pupil. Leave a little white dot on both irises .


Shade around the eyes a bit more.


Add the final details to the eyes. Connect them as you'll go down to the nose.


Slightly shade the nose . Use a blending stamp so it doesn't look rough .


Shade and blend some more. Also add the scar on his nose .


Now slightly shade the mouth and chin.


Blend it and shade again.


Blend again then start making the beard . Make small little hairs using a mechanical pencil, or a normal one, just make sure it's always sharp. This is time consuming, so don't try to rush it.


Finish the beard.


Lightly shade the rest of the face using a 2B pencil. This doesn't take a lot of time and attention since it doesn't have as many details as the eyes , nose and mouth.


Blend everything, except the eyes nose and mouth .


Using a 6B pencil shade the darker parts of the face, as well as the scar.


Add the final details, such as the highlights around his scar.


Make the darker areas all over the hair, use a 6B pencil or darker.


Connect all the dark areas of the hair to the ones most near them, using a very sharp pencil. It doesn't have to be a very dark one. I used a 2B mechanical one.


Continue this going up the head.


Finish the hair.


Slightly shade his coat and make the collar underneath it black.


Smudge the coat and draw a little lion head on it.


Use 8B graphite powder and smudge it all around him.

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May 20, 2014

Description: Game of thrones is one of the greatest shows currently on television, with amazing visuals, storyline , action and characters . Tyrion Lannister is one of those characters you just have to love. He is the youngest of the 3 children of Tywin Lannister , the only thing he has in common with his twin brother and sister is pretty much the name and the blonde hair. House Lannister is extremely rich , respected and despised by pretty much everyone else, even by Tyrion. Their "mascot" or whatever you call it, is a golden lion, and their words are "Hear me roar" . Although he's an imp and everyone judges him for that, Tyrion manages to make himself noticed for his wits and sarcasm , he is actually one of the most intelligent and educated characters . I hope you enjoy this tutorial .Good luck!

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