How to Draw Joffrey Baratheon

Artist: DuskEyes969 / May 20, 2014

Step 1.

Draw the guidelines for the face and shoulders . Following them, sketch the eyes, eyebrows , the outlines of the face and jaw.

Step 2.

Sketch the crown, hair and ear then move down to his royal garment .

Step 3.

As always, the eyes. Slightly shade around them and make the pupil black .

Step 4.

Smudge the existing shadow and overlay it with a darker one . Also shade the irises and the eyebrows .

Step 5.

Repeat the process with an even more darker shadow .

Step 6.

Make a few light shadows to give the nose it's basic shape .

Step 7.

Smudge and shade in the same areas as before to further define the nose.

Step 8.

Add the final details of the nose.

Step 9.

Make a few light shadows above the upper lip to connect the nose to the mouth .

Step 10.

Now shade the lips.

Step 11.

Shape the chin with a light shadow.

Step 12.

Darken and add some details on the chin.

Step 13.

Now quickly shade his face with a 2B pencil and smudge it very well.

Step 14.

Repeat the process with a second layer but this time darken the ares on his forehead .

Step 15.

Now use a darker pencil , like a 6B and shade the darker side of his face.

Step 16.

Use the same pencil to shade his ear and neck.

Step 17.

Now draw the parts in the first image completely black . Then add the lighter ones next to them, like I did in the second image.

Step 18.

Now shade the drape thing on his shoulder and add a few details on his robe .

Step 19.

Draw the hair under his crown before anything . It's mostly dark so don't spend too much time on it .

Step 20.

Lightly shade the crown , smudge it and the shade again.

Step 21.

After you shaded the crown, make some details on it. Then lightly shade the horns coming out of the crown .

Step 22.

Now shade the horns some more and add the final details .

Step 23.

Draw the hair lines and the shade the hair, carefull not to ruin the horns by drawing over them .

Step 24.

Lastly , make the background with graphite powder , smudged on the paper.

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Artist: DuskEyes969
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Description: We all hate him , but Game of Thrones wouldn't be the same without him . Joffrey Barathoen is probably the most hated character is television history , he is arrogant, immature , self-centered , spoiled , closed-minded, foolish, sadistic , ruthless , blonde, the list can go on forever .Although he's a child , his actions impact the story greatly, giving his position as the king of the seven realms. The only people who keep him in place are his mother Cersei and his grandfather, Tywin Lannister . Joffrey is pretty much the incarnation of that spoiled rich kid you hated as a child. I hope you love this tutorial of this character you hate so much . Enjoy !