How to Draw Angelina Jolie as Maleficent


Begin by drawing the shape of the head and neck. Add a vertical center line for the center of the face, and a horizontal curve for the eyes.


Next draw a large shape for the chest. Draw a center line for the chest as well. Then draw simple stick arms, with circles for the elbow and wrists.


Lighten the guide drawing, and we'll begin outlining the shapes of her head. Begin by drawing an S curve for each horn. From the front, the horns would be symmetrical. From this angle, each horn has a different curve in perspective.


Close in the outside of the horns with similar curves.


Next outline the shape of the face. The headpiece creates an M shape on the forehead. The cheekbones are large and the chin is pointy.


Draw the main features of the face. The eyebrows are dark and angled, and sit high on the face. The nose is small, but curved. The lips are full and slightly parted.


Use a large curve to draw the cheekbone. Then draw the upper edge of the eyes and eyelashes.


Close in the lower eyes and lashes. The eye on the left is squished sideways because of the viewing angle.


Use a bold line for the irises. This gives the eyes a strong appearance.


Now back to the body, outline one half of her collar using thick lines and strong curves.


I'm using a more angular style than usual to build this figure. Bold curves and sharp angles. It's a more animated style. Use as few lines for each shape as possible. Outline the neck and the lower neck line of her outfit.


The large curves of the collar, along with shorter, straighter lines create interesting graphic shapes.


From this viewing angle, the shape of each breast is different. The front breast appears more rounded. We'll draw that with a large curve, and a line that extends toward the shoulder. That's the pectoral muscle. On the opposite breast, we have more o   


This is a very stylized arm, with a simple curve for each side of the upper arm. Most of the ornate shape is in the forearm, which is thicker toward the elbow and thinner toward the wrist. It's almost like a simple fish shape, actually.


Use a bold curve to outline the ribs, and use an opposing curve to close in the waist. The opposite arm is viewed at a different angle from the first. The main curve of the forearm is rather straight, and the underside (which is on top here) can be d   


Even though this hand is simplified, I still recommend looking at your own hand to position the fingers and major shapes of the hand. The fingers are simplified and have only one knuckle, with long curves creating nice shapes like knives. By fanning    


Draw the pad of the thumb and palm, and then the actual thumb. the spike of fabric on the back of the hand continues the curve of the forearm.


Maleficent mainly wears robes, but I've drawn her in a form-fitting outfit. Let's at least give her a cape to make her better resemble her on-screen counterpart. This cape attaches on the back, and then has smaller attachment points on each elbow and   


Erase your guide drawing, and we'll begin to focus on the details of her outfit. The headpiece is almost like a piece of fabric wrapped tightly around the back of her head, with the edges meeting up on the front of the head, near the top. That create   


Wrap thin curves around the head, then have the curves travel up the length of her horns. Notice how the direction of the curves changes at the bend in each horn. Repeat the curve pattern down her neck, and on each of her arms. The wrinkles on her fo   


And with that, the drawing is complete! Thanks to Dawn for pointing out some issues with the lips that I went back and fixed. I think this image turned out nicely, and I hope you enjoyed it. I'll repost the colored version below. Thanks again for vie   



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May 12, 2014

Description: Something a little different this time, as I draw Maleficent from the upcoming live action Disney film.

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