How to Draw Max, Maximum Ride


There is thirteen steps so let me try and explain them as easy as possible. Draw a head shape and then the torso and hip area. You will connect all three shapes with lines that are also body parts like the neck, stomach, legs, and arms.


Draw out the outlined shape of the one wing like so.


Sketch out the framing for her face, and then draw the bangs which are parted.


Sketch out the eyes, color in the pupils, and then draw out the nose and mouth.


Now you will sketch out the hair in more form and detail. AS you can see her locks are flowing behind her on the back of the wing. Add some minor detailing to the top of her hairstyle and move along to step six.


Curl up the ends of her hair and then draw in some strand detailing to add texture and even a little bit of shine.


Sketch out her chest, right shoulder and right arm like you see here and then get the waist and torso drawn out. You will also have to draw in the lining to form her breasts and make a shape for Max's body.


Draw her hand, and then begin sketching out her stomach, hips, and even the hump for her butt. Draw in the belly button, end lining of her shirt, and then draw the belt.


Almost done guys. As you can see all you need to do here is draw the legs or jeans that she is wearing. Her legs are posed with one being bent up while the other is straight.


Add detailing to her pants by drawing in the seam lines and then sketch out her feet which are pointed inward like a ballerina.


It is now time that you begin drawing out her wing and as you can see you will attack this task the same way you would with any other wing. Draw the feathers one by one, and because you are doing it like this, it may take a while before completion.


Here you will draw out the finger feather and notice the further you go down the smaller the feathers become. Take your time because there is no need to rush through this lesson unless you're in a hurry.


Finally for the last drawing step, carefully draw out the other entire wing like so and then you can start erasing the lines and shapes that you drew in step one to clean up this drawing on Max from Maximum Ride.


When you are finally done with the tutorial your drawing should come out look like the one you see here. Even though people have their own interpretation on what Max looks like, you can always teak this character figure to your own liking. Color her    

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June 11, 2011

Description: Hey everyone, how about another fanbased tutorial that's been requested so many times, my eyes have bled. In this new lesson, we'll be learning “how to draw Max from Maximum Ride”. Currently, this character is featured in a series of books that's been quite popular, as well as the manga series. I hear rumors that the movie for “Maximum Ride” is in production. I've never read or heard of this character until I've received numerous requests to “draw Maximum Ride, Max”. This character was drawn during my livestream broadcasts on June 9th, 2011. I had fun with a rather new coloring style to spice up the look of this character. Angels are a favorite of mine, and I tend to find new ways to draw the wings of angel. When it comes to drawing angels, you've always got to keep in mind the wings in comparison of the human. Will the wings support the weight of the person in order to achieve a successful flight? Notice how I drew Max with large wings in order to support her body. Anyways, I've got to flee now. I had so much fun designing this chick and I hope you will too. Thanks for viewing and enjoy!

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