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How to Draw an Anime Angel

Artist: sketchghost / September 11, 2010
How to Draw an Anime Angel

Step 1.

ok, so first we are going to draw the base image with a lighter pencil. don't worry, it will improve from just being a normal stick figure. :)

Step 2.

ok, so now were going to outline the base image so it actually looks like a body. we're also going to outline the clothes and draw out the eyes.

Step 3.

now let's draw the outline of the hair and wings. this step should be fairly easy as long as you glance out at the step's pic. every once in a while.

Step 4.

BIG STEP TIME. now we draw the detail of the clothes first. the wrinkle lines, ruffles etc. then draw some of the detail of the hair, and wings. [don't worry, it will looks alot better by the time ur finished.]

Step 5.

to take a break from that last big step, we're just gonna draw out the "leg warmers" and the hair's highlight areas.

Step 6.

LAST STEP! now u can color the body, and add the shading. all of the coloring is optional. the clothes can be purle and orange if u like! hope you likes the tut. ttyl! :)

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Artist: sketchghost
Date Added: September 11, 2010
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Tags: how to draw angels, draw angels, how to draw an angel
Description: hey guys! this is another tutorial on "how to draw an anime angel" step by step. i worked hard on this and i hope its alot of help to all of you! thanks.