How to Draw an Easy Angel

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Your seeking this tutorial because you want to draw a really easy and pretty angel, right? Well to make things very simple, start off by drawing the basic foundation. By drawing this, you'll be less prone to creating mistakes. Start by drawing a larg   


Next, draw the basic outline of the body. See how the guides you drew from Step 1 help? Start with the face shape and the bangs, then move your way down to the body shape.


Here, you'll start finishing off the head. Draw long running waves of hair to give the appearance of wavy hair. Classic angels have long flowing hair, this is what we want. Add circular eyes to make her friendly. Finish off the lower body by defining   


Lastly, draw the pair of wings that support her! I didn't want to draw humongous wings because it will distract the viewer from the core of the angel, which is her heart warming face and body pose. These wings fit perfectly for the genuine mood that    


AhHa! You finished your drawing! Give yourself a pat on the back and say 'cheers!'. You've completed a very simple and easy angle. If you want something easier, check the 'related tutorials' for the simple angel tutorial. Remember, practice makes per   

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October 8, 2010

Description: Hey all! I've got the freakin' jitters! I can't stop drawing nor stop submitting lessons for all of you folks to enjoy ;) This was a picture drawn entirely during my LiveStream broadcast on October 7th 2010. In this tutorial, you will be learning in an orderly fashion on “how to draw an easy angel, step by step”. Pft, angels? I know, I know, they're pretty old school these days, everyone draws angels, but does anyone get sick of drawing them? Naw, I don't think so; let me tell you in words on tips to draw these beautiful peeps. Like all angelic forms of humans, they have a pair of wings and a halo that sits on their head. As you can see, mine doesn't have a halo visible, floating over her head. You can go ahead and add your own if you'd like. All it is a ring that has a 3-D ring shaded inside. There are many ways to ”draw angels”. You can draw them with dark – torn wings to relate to their personality/morals, you can stylize their hair, expressions, and halos. What if you gave an angel a crown of thorns, like that of Jesus? I think it would be pretty epic in doing so (scatters off and scribbles on her tablet an angel with a crown of thorns). I pulled off a very happy angelic girl with everything white. The color 'yellow' coherently matches with the whites and blues. The colors give a 'rich' essence about her, therefore, being a very beautiful and attractive angel. Generally, these beings are naked and are either babies or children with wings. Whenever you see Christian paintings in churches, they're always paintings of angel babies. It's kind of creepy, as a kid I've had dreams before of these babies turning super evil, devouring me whole...dun dun dun. Well folks, onwards to the tutorial on “how to draw an easy angel”. I hope you'll enjoy this as much as I did!

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