How to Draw Angels


First things first. You have to understand the different types of angel wings that you can use. Here are a few. 1) Detailed bird like wings are always a beautiful and elegant choice for wings. You can have them from big and enveloping or small and de   


Now you need to understand how to place the wings on a human body. Wings should originate from or close to the shoulder blades. The first bone of the wings goes down, then the next up and then down again. They don't really do straight back either, th   


Now that you understand how the wings work, we can get right into drawing our little angel girl. First we're going to start with a frame. We'll giver her a sort of timid looking pose.


Then we'll flesh her out a bit more and determine her body shape a little more. We'll also map out where we want the mouth and eyes to be on the face. We'll place the ears as well.


We'll finalize the shape of the body in this step and put an expression on her face. We'll give her big eyes and pouty lips and make her look innocent and timid, adding more to the cute factor. We'll add more detail to the hands and feet as well.


We'll give her some clothes now. Dresses are the normal choice for cute little angels, though you may choose to do a little skirt outfit or even shorts. Something modest and very adorable with lace or ribbons is always great.


Now we'll give her some hair. Long and well kept hair is the perfect choice, It's pure and natural and not to mention cute. Updoos or hair worn down, even in between, you really have your choice with this one. Well groomed waves or curls, or even st   


Now we can change our little girl into a little angel girl. I'm going to go with a small detailed bird like wing for this picture. See how they come out from behind her roughly where her shoulder blades would be. You can put them in front of or behin   


Now we go do the line art and put on the details. Depending on how many details you do or don't outline, the look of your picture will change. Less lines will give you a very simple picture where as more will give you a very detailed picture. I'm goi   

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November 8, 2010

Description: Here is a very helpful and informative tutorial on "<em><strong>how to draw angels</em></strong>", step by step. Also are a few tips for drawings wings that will come in handy. You must establish yourself with understanding the basic anatomy of angels in order to draw them very well. Enjoy and Good Luck.

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