How to Draw Rei Miyamoto, Highschool of the Dead

Artist: Dawn / June 11, 2011

Step 1.

She should be relativity easy to draw so don't get your bolts all screwed in. Start with a circle for her head, and then draw out the guidelines for her face, neck, and torso. You will then make a mound like shape on the chest like you see here.

Step 2.

The next thing you will do is draw out the lids that form the shapes of her eyes. As you can see the eyes are sort of edgy and bold. Make a small nose, and then a mouth.

Step 3.

Rei has a very serious expression on her face which means you have to draw out her eyebrows frowned inward. Once that is done draw the eyeballs and then move along to step four.

Step 4.

Okay, deep breath first, and then start tackling her hairstyle. You will only be drawing out her bangs first, and then the front part of the hair. As you can see Rei's hairdo has lots of pointed tips so make sure you draw out her style in this manner   

Step 5.

Begin sketching out the lower portion of her face and then be sure to incorporate her ear. Add some inner detailing inside of the ear and move along to step six.

Step 6.

Draw the two strands of hair in the middle of her head, and then sketch out the back part of her hairstyle. This includes the small ponytail, and long flowing locks that will fall upon her shoulders. Add some detailing and then proceed on. You are al   

Step 7.

Sketch out the back of her neck, and then sketch in her shoulder and arm. Draw the collar of her shirt and then continue to sketch out her hair which should stay long, narrow, and very blowy.

Step 8.

As you can see Rei is coming along nicely. What you need to do now is get the rest of her hair drawn out, and then finish her arm. Sketch out what is going to be her very perky chest. Draw in the bow, and then add some wrinkle, crease, and folding de   

Step 9.

Finish off this lesson on Rei from Highscool of the Dead by drawing out her chest or breast and the waist. Sketch out the arch of her back, and then add detailing to her clothing like you see here. The cloth or material around her breasts should look   

Step 10.

Here is what she looks like when all is said and done. Now you can color her in and get busy on something else. Thanks for joining me with this tutorial guys on Rei Miyamoto.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Has anyone heard of the manga ‘Highschool of the Dead or H.O.T.D."? Well, neither have I but a member told me that it is definitely a series that I should give a read to. Although I would like to go ahead and start reading some new manga material, the truth is I don’t have the extra time in my days to even attempt to read something new. Instead I will continue drawing, updating, and submitting tutorials for all the members, and visitors that come to Dragoart. For my third tutorial I am going to show you "how to draw Rei Miyamoto", step by step. She is I guess what you call one of the main characters, and protagonists of the series. The other protagonist is actually her close friend and classmate named Takashi Komuro. He and Rei have known each other since they were kids, and together they fight off these zombie creatures which are becoming a big problem. Because of this, Japan has called the pandemic a catastrophic Outbreak. I really had a lot of fun drawing her out because she is such a vibrant character to replicate. The coloring technique I did also came out epic and since I fell in love with this characters image, it was easy for me to make the lesson on "how to draw Rei Miyamoto". If you are familiar with Highschool of the Dead, you will have a blast with drawing out one of the most colorful figures of the series. Have fun guys and stick around because there is a lot more in store.