How to Draw Girl Ben 10


Make three shapes for girl Ben 10's body frame like so, then connect all the shapes with a neck and torso guideline. Sketch in the facial guides, and proceed to step two.


Using the facial guides begin drawing out the structure for girl Ben 10's face. You will also need to incorporate the hair line and as you can see she has neatly parted bangs.


The next thing to do is draw in her eyes or at least the top eye shapes. When that is done you can add the bump for the nose, then draw her mouth.


you will now draw the eyebrows, then draw the eyeballs and pupils.


Since the original version of Ben 10 has short hair, I decided to keep things simple and draw her hair short too. Here you will sketch out the shape of her hairstyle which is curly and short. Add detailing to the ends of the curls then move along to    


Here you will have to draw in the upper body. Start with the shoulders, then draw the arms, chest, waist and hips. Add the shape of the omnitrix on the right or left arm as well.


Draw the collar for her shirt which is low cut, then draw in the tie or bow in the center between her breast. Add the stripes on her sleeve, then draw in the number 10 on her shirt. Add detailing to her arm, then add the navel hole.


Here you will draw in the belt, then draw the notches on the belt.


Finish girl Ben 10 off by sketching out the ruffled or flared skirt, then draw in her thighs. You will also need to add the shape to the left arm as well. Lastly, sketch in the pleats then erase the mistakes.


Here is the finished drawing when you are all done. Now you can go ahead and color in this girl version of Ben 10.

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November 8, 2013

Description: A couple of you asked if I could make a tutorial on a female version of Ben 10 since I was already making a series of it. Of course at first I was like "should I make another girl based figure? or should I just stop because it's getting carried away?". I came to the conclusion that a lesson on "how to draw girl Ben 10", step by step would actually be a nice addition to the series. So here it is, as you can see she looks almost identical to Ben, and her clothing style and colors also match Mr. Tennyson as well. I like the background, the way girl Ben 10 came out, and I love how easy it's going to be for all you guys when you begin drawing girl Ben 10. I will be back with another request fulfillment so stay tuned in.

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