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How to Draw a Christmas Figure

Artist: Dawn / November 21, 2013
How to Draw a Christmas Figure

Step 1.

Make the guides for the head and torso of this model. Sketch in the facial guidelines then draw some limb lines as well.

Step 2.

In this step you will sketch out the structure of her face, then begin to draw in her bangs for the hairstyle. Draw the ear outline, then move along to step three.

Step 3.

Now that the face shape and hair outline is drawn, you can proceed with making her face. I wanted to make sure that this figure had a real pretty face. Start with drawing the eye shapes which are almost perfect in size and shape. Add the eyebrows, th   

Step 4.

Up next, draw in the actual eye balls, then color in the pupils, add detailing inside of her ear, then sketch in some faint blush marks on her cheeks.

Step 5.

Finish sketching out her hairstyle then draw in the rim of the Santa hat. Add the puff ball at the end of the hanging cone or the hat, then add detailing.

Step 6.

Now you will sketch out the shape of her neck, then draw in the shoulders, arms and some of the torso or waist area.

Step 7.

Sketch in the shapes of her breast, then sketch in the ruffle that runs across the torso. Make sure that you make the breast voluptuous because she is supposed to be sexy. You can choose to go with any structured girl.

Step 8.

Next, add some shoulder bones and collar bones, then move to step nine.

Step 9.

Sketch in the rest of the shape for her body, then sketch in the layered detailing on her short Santa inspired dress. Don't forget the ruffle at the end of the dress for trim. Erase all the mistakes then you are finished.

Step 10.

Here is the finished drawing when you are all done. Now you can go ahead and color in your sexy Christmas figure.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: November 21, 2013
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Tags: how to draw girls, how to draw figures
Description: I know I should probably do more Thanksgiving related stuff, but I had inspiration to make another Christmas related lesson because of the tremendous amount of holiday music that is being blasted in my work space from my brother. Here is "how to draw a Christmas figure", step by step. Don't want to just label this drawing a girl or woman, I wanted to be more specific and call it like it is. It is a drawing of a girl dressed in holiday cheer as she poses for the camera. In short this is a female figure. Anyways, I went ahead and made her hair short because as you know there is not a lot of short haired women or girls that are used much in modeling and considered sexy. This girl has it all, beauty, body, brains and short hair. I hope you have fun with drawing a Christmas figure folks. I really like the way she came out and hopefully you do too.