How to Draw Gaige From Borderlands


Like always start off with a head and torso guide. Sketch in the facial guidelines then proceed to step two.


Sketch out the shape of Gaige's face like so, then draw in the chunks of her hair which are wild and parted in all different directions.


For step three all you have to do is use the facial guidelines to draw the eyes, nose and mouth. Her mouth is closed lips. The ends of the eye shapes should be thick and contain some lashes.


Finish the eyes and face by drawing the eyeballs, then eyebrows. When that is done draw in a bandage on the cheek, then draw the mark on the tip of her nose.


Continue to work on the head by sketching out the rest of her hair and as you can see her hair is in the form of crazy short ponytails. Add detailing throughout the hairstyle, then draw in the goggles.


We will tackle the task of drawing the body next. Start with the shape of her neck, then draw the high raised collar which looks stiff. The open lining of her jacket should be in a V shape.


Sketch in detailing to the collar of her jacket, then draw the shirt line as well as the shirt's decal and detailing. Gaige has a skull on the front of her shirt. Draw in the definition for her necklace then you are done here.


We will now draw out the shoulder, arm, and then her torso. Sketch in the breasts and shape of her upper body which is very feminine. Add the flaps from her vest and then sketch in more detailing for the arm and vest sleeve.


Take your time as you detail and define the clothing. This should come out defined in a realistic manner so be sure to add the seam, stitch and designing of the clothing properly.


Draw out her other arm which looks to be robotic. When that is done you can draw the definition for the mechanical looking limb.


And for the final step, sketch in the various detailing and definition to that robotic or mechanical arm you made in step ten. When that is done draw the weapon on her back, and detail that in as well. Erase the mistakes and guides you made from the    


By the time you finish, step twelve is all about results. Now you can color in the finished drawing of Gaige from Borderlands.

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November 8, 2013

Description: Here is another character from the Borderland series. I don't know how many of you are familiar with this female figure, but if you are a fan of the game you should like this lesson on "how to draw Gaige", step by step. My brother took one look at her and said "I know that character". I asked him where she was from to see if he really knew, and that is when he said she is from Borderlands. He actually has the game but he doesn't play it. As of now he is into Battlefield 4 so that is his new love. Anyways, from what I understand Gaige is a Mechromancer and one of her main skills is the ability to operate the D374-TP, or otherwise known as the Deathtrap. Anyway, have fun drawing Gaige and I will prepare my next lesson. Meet you back here soon folks or you can stick around. Peace, adios and enjoy.

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