How to Draw a Pretty Anime Girl


Your character will be drawn from a side view but her face will be on a 3/4 angle. Start with a guide for the head, then sketch in the torso. Add the facial and body guides too.


Use the guides to sketch out the shape of the face. When that is done draw the thick bangs and then move to step three.


Finish drawing the short curly hair by also making the shape of her head. Draw the curly locks and then add some curls at the ends of her hairstyle. Take your time so her hair comes out neat and bouncy looking.


Use the facial guides to sketch in the shapes of her anime eyes. When that is done add a nose and then make the small mouth opening.


Sketch out the shape of her neck, then draw in the torso, back shape or lining, then draw in her waist and some of the hips. When that is done you can draw the shoulder and arm, as well as her ruffled sleeve. This is supposed to be a pretty dress.


Here is where you will add the detailing and definition for her clothing in the form of stitch lines and ruffles. Add some seams too and be sure to add those short dashes.


You are already almost done drawing this pretty anime girl. You will now draw the other arm, then sketch out the wide spread shirt. As you can see her dress or skirt is also ruffled to give it that pretty dress flare.


Add the lining for the dress, then draw in the stitch and seam lining along the edge of the dress.


For the last step, as you can see you will draw in the layers of ruffle under the skirt. This is what you call a ruffled dress slip. When you are done with this step you can start erasing the mistakes and guides you made.


Here is the finished drawing when you are done. Now you can color in this drawing of your pretty anime girl. I hope you had fun people.

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November 8, 2013

Description: This lesson is for Artist_lover242 who requested that I make a tutorial on an anime girl with short blond curly hair wearing a pretty dress. So having said that, up next we will learn "how to draw a pretty anime girl", step by step. When this figure was requested I sort of understood why because I rarely draw anime girls with short or curly hair so this was a real treat. At first I didn't know what type of curly hair to draw because there are all types of styles. I was going to make a kinky curl, but I knew that would be kind of hard to replicate so instead I made a bouncy curl so tackling the task of drawing curly hair wouldn't be too difficult to accomplish. anyways, I hope you like this lesson Artist_lover242 because it's for you. Enjoy and stick around because there is more tuts on the way.

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