How to draw a cute zombie girl


First of all, lets draw some guidlines: a cirlcle for the head, a line in the middle of the face and two lines for the eyes. The circle doesn't have to be perfect and we'll be rubbing it out later.


Now draw a chin and eyes. I made the eyes look like beads which also makes her look quite cute (in my opinion).Leave some of the eye white to show a reflection.You can draw some shoulders too.


Add some more features. The lips are purposley drawn crooked to make her look more like a zombie. Draw two scars across her checks starting from the corners of her mouth.For the nose,I drew a sort of curved line. The line suggests a nose and gives it   


Draw her hair bushy and long. Start outlining some of the features in black to make them bold and stand out. Remember to leave a section of the eyes white to make it look like a reflection and three dimensional.You can also draw a top and details.


Time for colour! With a fineliner or some kind of colouring tool, colour in your zombie. Only colour were the hair or skin would be the darkest shade (a shadow). If it helps, draw were the source of light would be coming from - this means you won't f   


All done. I left it with the shading we did because I think it stands out with little colour and simple shading. If you don't agree, just carry on colouring. Rub out your guidlines and that's it. Thanks for your time... GothicDragon.

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October 13, 2013

Description: This is how to draw a cute zombie girl. It's my first tutorial so I'm quite excited... I hope you all like it. Halloween is approaching so zombies and monsters are in season!

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