How to Draw Krieg, Borderlands


Begin by making some guides, one for the head, another for the torso, and one more for the arm. Sketch in the guidelines to the face, then add a connecting line for the arm.


Start sketching out Krieg's face, and when you do this make sure the structure or contours of the head and face lining is done correctly buy taking your time.


This is probably one of the most time consuming steps in this tutorial. This is because you have to sit there and really draw out the mask Krieg has strapped on to his face. The shapes of the eyes are from the mask, and the lining just add definition   


Add definition and detail to the mask like so and really try to add those textured lines that makes up the personality of the face and mask. Sketch out the small shape of the eye too.


Here you will get busy with drawing the left shoulder as well as the plate he has on his back. The plate is small, it only covers a small portion to the center of his back near the neck line. Draw the shape of the neck which is also the shirt collar.


In this step all you have to do is draw the rest of the left arm, then sketch in a bandage like line pattern all over the arm's shape.


Next sketch in the shirt portion of the right side of the body, then draw in the weapon he has strapped on his back right shoulder. That tube looking shape is actually a hose that connects to the unit he is carrying. Detail where needed before you pr   


Now it's time to start the lower half of the body. Sketch in the torso, then draw the sides of the torso. Add detailing to form the six-pack on the stomach, then draw the waist by sketching in the pants.


You are almost done with drawing Krieg. Here you will start the process to drawing the right arm. Since this arm is closer to the viewer, it appears larger and more muscular and toned. Define the arm like so, then proceed to step ten.


And lastly, draw the rest of the right arm in the form of a plated weapon that he wears on his forearm. Draw in the hand, and then add tubes or hoses and buttons and straps to the weapon. Erase all the mistakes you made, as well as those guide shapes   


Here is what Krieg looks like when you are all done. You can now enjoy the task of coloring him in.

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November 6, 2013

Description: I just had to go ahead and make this lesson on another Borderlands 2 character that is wicked cool in appearance and has a title of being crazy. Here is "how to draw Krieg", step by step. Krieg is a human which means he is not an animal or mythological creature. But, even though he is a human, he could definitely pass as an animal due to the extreme psycho nature. This character is falls in the psycho class of Borderlands 2, and he is also the sixth playable character that you can have a blast with if you like being ruthless, or if knowing that Krieg is a blood-drinking, meat-loving killer makes you want to control him to see if he is strong drives your curiosity. Whatever the reason may be that you like Krieg, you will have a blast drawing this Borderlands 2 character.

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