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How to Draw Dragons

Artist: Dragonvoid / February 23, 2012
How to Draw Dragons

Step 1.

Heads are the most important Step in making a Dragon, if you are like me. If You do not get you head down first you could be in danger of getting a head too big or too small, or at the wrong angle. the head also defines the emotion of the Dragon and   

Step 2.

This next one Is about the line of motion. now i suppose it works for everything that moves but i find that the serpentine Dragon easily can be built off of this line. The line of motion is merely a line that follows the imaginary path of where you w   

Step 3.

Now we start on limbs. The Fun Part. Now i am going to start with Back legs because three out of the four body types have back legs. If your dragon does not have back legs you can skip this step. as for the rest of us... legs are difficult. I think    

Step 4.

Front Legs, simpler i think because they more closely resemble ours. I tend to do my fore arms useing Five toes so that it can funtion like a hand too. the fore arm will Use the shoulder, The elbow, the wrist and the hand for its anchor points. It is   

Step 5.

And now to the details, claws. claws like hands are always difficult. i will show you a way that has always worked well with me but remember to draw your guide line SOFTLY otherwise you can have unsightly circles on your dragon, that are difficult to   

Step 6.

Wings. I will do feathered and Skinned but please i am not that great at Feathered. Also light can shine through skin if it is strong enough. I didn't show much detail for the wings i'm still working that out myself.

Step 7.

And now the body. all four different types of dragons have different bodies. the Occidental with wings and four legs, the Wyvern, wings for its arms, and has back legs, Amphithere with no legs and a pair of wings, and finially the Oriental with its c   

Step 8.

Scales and plates, and all the other miscellanious 'frills' that might come up.

Step 9.

Now we create our dragon. give it a head and a line of motion. when you do that determine which way it will face and place the circles for the jaw and etc... now and the chest and hip. mine will face the side.

Step 10.

Connect your circles and add anything that will be in the fore ground usually wings, otherwise whatever else.now add your guides for the appendages including the tail.

Step 11.

now flesh out your dragom. i requimend starting with the face and working down. i apologize this isn't my best work but i am doing the lines on the computer with a mouseand that is never easy. also some of the guidelines are left on, thats because i    

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Artist: Dragonvoid
Date Added: February 23, 2012
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Description: This is my first tut, but hope it helps. this will go through the basics of Dragons. all Dragons (The Occidental (western), the Oriental(eastern), the Wyvern(wings, and back legs) and the Amphithere (wings, no legs, or arms)) not just the one you see in the title pic, and how to build a basic body diagram, so that you can work on your own style not how to draw in the style of others, like i said hope it helps. Critism is welcome!