How to Draw Mary, Virgin Mary

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We will start this first step by drawing a circle for Mary's head and then lightly sketch in the facial guides.


Using the shape and lining you just made, draw out the side profile of Mary's face like so. The curly lining along the side of her head is for her hair.


Using the facial guides that you drew in step one, begin sketching out the shapes of Mary's eyes and color in her iris' as well as draw and color in her eyebrows. Draw a simple nose shape like so, and proceed on.


Finish sketching out her nose and then draw in her mouth, and sketch in some eyelids or lid creases.


Now that Mary's face is all sketched in, you can begin working on getting her cloak or hood of her shroud drawn in. Use or make simple lines for this task like you see here, and also be sure to draw in the part between her head for her simple hairsty   


Sketch the shape of her neck, and then draw in the collar of her clothing and finish the shroud. Once you have drawn Mary out to the best of your ability, add some detailing to the shroud by sketching in some creases, and folds. You can start cleanin   


Here is how Mother Mary looks as a simple hand drawing. You can add shading and highlighting to make it look realistic if you want, but that will take an extra thirty minutes to an hour.

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April 10, 2017

Description: Well guys, every once in a while I will do something that holds so many different meanings and views. For me when I was making this tutorial I felt a sense of joy, love, and sadness which lead me to really want to create something that was as pure looking as this figure is herself. Today, I will try to show you guys "how to draw the Virgin Mary", step by step. Mary is seen as the mother of Christ, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, Holy Spirit, and just plain old Mary. There are four different gospels that I can think of offhand that mention Mary and how she is the mother of God’s only begotten son. The books of Luke, Matthew, Mark, and John all mention Mary in their own words. For me to try and explain the religious complexity of understanding the bible and the gospels of Mary, John and Jesus can get confusing because it’s all just an interpretation from my point of view. Everyone interprets the Bible or other religious scripts in their own way. I’m no preacher, pastor, or priest so I will just have the pleasure of teaching you the joys of drawing Mary. I tried sketching an old stone portrait pose to keep the mind’s eye clear of how it views the Virgin Mary. Well, I hope this lesson helps in some sort of way. You could actually make a card or Christmas gift for someone using this very drawing. Be sure to post your work so others can enjoy looking at different works of art.

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