How to draw Wyverns


Since i have allready coved some of this i will combine some steps i did not before on my 'how to draw dragons' tut. the firs is the head and line of motion, these are very important, and for a wyvern remember that your Dragon is not really that flex   


Ok legs, Much easier with Wyverns because there is only one type, and wings. there are two ways, (don't like this way)Bird-like, and 'Mammal (please understand that many other creature besides mammals have legs in this shape)' legs like the other dra   


Wings are the same. Just a perfence of mine it to make the wings smaller than the others' for manuverablity sake. also Wyverns typically have claws at the end of each 'finger' and a thumb on the wing if you are going with a Skinned wing. Feathered wi   


Claws are still important And even the fore claws because of the way the wing is usually shaped.


Now this is an unusual step, how do Wyverns sleep? I thought this would important to tackle because of the drawing issues. To me they will sleep like Occidentals like the Dragon in this step, except the wing will be mostly folded rather than stretche   


I will put Scales and others' first because it is not a new slide, I also for got a Scale pattern it is basically the smae as the Koi fish one but in stead of half circles it will be triangles.


Now body type of the Wyvern the Wing will go in place of the arm, and the upper part of the dragon will be raised. i perfer to have my Wyverns fully standing using their tails for balance when they lean forward. Tails are for balance use them wisely.


Now we start drawing. start with the head and give a line of motion, Remember drawing a Wyvern is different from drawing other dragons so keep that in mind.


And so now we add the Appendages Wings legs and add more of the head.


And now flesh out your Wyvern. hopefully yours will look better then this one.

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March 6, 2012

Description: Well first off a Wyvern is a dragon with two wings and two legs. This kind of dragon is often looked down as 'Dummber' or more malisious for some reason. but the noble Wyvern is just as smart and has the same mentailty as all of its other Dragon kind. Which means it chooses whether or not to shoot down flames on a happless victim or help a few humans win a revelution just for kicks. This kind of Dragon I imagine as having a better advanage in the air, due to its lack of extra weight and more compact size, and having a little bit more flexability then the Occidental and the Oriental. According to 'Online Etymology dictionary' The etymology is such of the word Wyvern: "c.1600, formed (with excrescent -n) from M.E. wyver (c.1300), from Anglo-Fr. wivre, from O.N.Fr. form of O.Fr. guivre "snake," from L. vipera "viper" (see viper). In heraldry, a winged dragon with eagle's feet and a serpent's barbed tail." Let's get started. p.s. sorry for the not so good background, by the way does the dragon look gold? that was what i was aiming for Good luck!

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