How to Draw a Simple Dragon

Artist: Neon_dollar / July 10, 2011

Step 1.

Star off with the foundations of the drawing. This is basically just circles and lines to show where things go. Do these lines lightly so you can erase them later.

Step 2.

Star drawing the outline of the head, but leave a gap in between the left side and the top so you can fit in the ear/skin flap thing.I'm really not sure what it is o.0

Step 3.

Now you can put in the two ears/skin flap things, the bottom part of the jaw and the spikes on top of the head. Also draw the back of the neck.

Step 4.

Fist start with the neck/chest line and then add the legs. The feet are going to be hidden by the tail so don't bother with those. Then draw the shoulder blade and the back.

Step 5.

Continue the back line and draw in the tail. Then draw in the two back legs (The front one and the one partially hidden behind it) and the stomach line.

Step 6.

Time to start drawing the wing. Start of with the fleshy arm and then add on the 'fingers' of the wing. Add hooks on the ends of these to give it a ever so slight dangerous look. Make sure not to connect the arm to the body yet because you will be dr   

Step 7.

Draw back spikes all the way down to the tip of the tail, decreasing in size as you go. After that, draw a line on the underside of the beast.

Step 8.

Now you can finish the front wing by adding the membrane or skin to it. Then make a start on drawing the back wing.

Step 9.

Time to give the dragon a face. Draw in two big eyes, (The bigger you make them the cuter the final product will look) The nostrils and the open mouth. Don't forget the small line that defines the snout.

Step 10.

For step 10 you will draw the flames that the dragon is breathing out and the creases on the wing membrane.

Step 11.

Erase the lines made in step 1 and you're finished! Congratz! You just learnt how to draw a simple dragon!

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Artist: Neon_dollar
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Description: Neon Dollar here again with a very cute tutorial indeed! Today you will be learning 'How to Draw a Simple Dragon'. I wanted to make something that was really easy so that everyone could do it, and also extremely cute to make people WANT to draw it. I ended up with this adorable dragon and I hope that you all like it.