How to Sketch Dragons

How to Sketch Dragons
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Let's start out by sketching a dragon head and body. Start out with stick figures. Turn the joints, body and head into ovals. Regardless of what medium you are using make sure that your lines are light!


Start adding the basic form starting from the head and moving downwards. Make these lines a bit darker than the previous ones.


Sketch in the rest of the forms.


Go over the outlines with darker lines.


This is how my brush and ink painting looked in the end. You can try to sort of emulate it with whatever medium you are using but I encourage you to experiment and come up with something original; make you sketches unique.


Now let's sketch a roaring dragon. Start out with an oval for the head and a line for the neck. Pay attention to the blue guidelines.


Develop the head with basic shapes.Sketch in the eye and tongue.


Go ahead and sketch in the horn, spikes, and neck.


Add the dark lines now and define everything a bit more.


Finish up your sketch in your own way. Only you can decide when your sketch is done. Don't worry about what others may think about it; it's all about you.


Let's draw one more dragon head. Start out with the oval and line again.


Sketch in the features and the front of the head.


Sketch in the head spikes and neck.


Now add in the darker lines to define the head and neck more.


Finish up your sketch by shading it in or just going over your lines again. I hope this tutorial is helpful for those of you who just need a starting point for sketching your dragons. This process should work for just about any dragon you try to draw   

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September 12, 2011

Hey everyone, here's another dragon tutorial for you all. It's a bit different from my other tutorials because it isn't just limited to pencils. I actually used brush and ink for my sketches but you should be able to use ANY medium for these sketches. In fact, I encourage you to try something you. The main think about sketching is that it has to be quick and to the point, so choose a medium that you can draw/paint quickly with. Let's get started!

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