How to Draw Dragon Love, Dragon Love


Start with two small circles and then draw out the body guides that form somewhat of a heart shape.


Start sketching out the first dragon's head to the right and notice how the head is slender and easy to replicate. The horns are long and stiff.


Here you will begin drawing out the neck, and body like so. For now, just draw in one arm and talon, and later you will work on the rest.


Now you will draw out the entire outline and shape of the large slightly cupped dragon wing. This should also include the detailing on the membrane, and make some nails at the tip.


Continue to draw out the body and then draw in the leg. Don't forget the foot and muscle detailing on the leg as well.


You will now begin drawing out the other dragon's head to the left and to do this just repeat exactly what you did in step two.


Now sketch out some of the neck, and also do the chest, arm, and talon.


Draw the back of the dragon's back and then repeat the same process you did with the first dragon as you sketch out the other large wing. Notice the tips are pointed and long.


Go ahead and draw out the rest of the left dragon's body like you see here and notice how the tail is starting to wrap around his female's tail. Sketch in detailing on the leg, and move along.


For the last step, all you need to do is draw out the rest of the tails. Draw them in a manner where that are wrapped or locked with each other. Once you have finished this feat, start erasing the lines and shapes that you drew in step one.


Here it is, the last step and it's in the form of line art. I hope you enjoyed today's lesson on how to draw dragon love, make sure you color in your dragon lovers to your liking.

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October 11, 2011

Description: So yesterday I finally made a tutorial on more dragons but instead of them fighting, standing, or flying, I made a lesson on "how to draw dragon love", step by step. I am so happy with the way that this lesson turned out because it really is so pretty. All the tutorials I made for today are in my book, awesome. This is going to be somewhat easy to tackle since the dragons in the drawing are thin, and don’t have too much detail. The tails intertwine as they embrace each other lovingly and the heads also are joined together for an ever locking pose to show how much love is shared between them. Someone asked me on Facebook what the purpose for the necklace was, and to answer that again, it just simply shows which dragon is a boy, and which is a girl. I really hope that you all love this tutorial that is going up first today on "how to draw dragon love". Anyone who loves these flying, majestic beasts of myth should also love the tutorial too. Please remember to fav, rate, and comment on any or all of the lessons you see on

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