How to Draw an Ice Dragon, Ice Dragon

Artist: Dawn / September 24, 2011

Step 1.

Make a few circles, one for the head, another for the body, and then draw one more shape for the very end of the body.

Step 2.

You will now begin sketching out the actual structure of the dragons head, face, horns, and the neck. Make some of the chest too. The lining as you can see is a bit bumpy and has a few angles. This is because the dragon is made of ice.

Step 3.

On the back of the dragon's neck, you will begin drawing out the spikes of ice that are supposed to be frills. Once that is done, sketch in the face which consists of an eye, snout wrinkles or folds, and some sharp overlapping teeth. Add in some deta   

Step 4.

You will now sketch out the right shoulder, arm and talon. As you can see the front talons of an ice dragon is much smaller than that of an earth or water dragon.

Step 5.

Moving forward, tome to sketch out the left shoulder, arm, and talon. Draw in the back and some of the stomach and before you leave this step, sketch in some definition on the arms and draw in the claws.

Step 6.

Simply take your time as you begin sketching out the right back leg and foot, and when you are done you can add detailing and definition to make it look muscular and toned.

Step 7.

Next, sketch out the left hind leg and foot like so, and be sure to draw in the hind leg resting on the toes. Add some detailing to the leg as well, and then move to step eight where you will move even further to completion.

Step 8.

Well this is the second to last step which means you will be finishing off this lesson with step nine. All that is needed here, is the creation of the first wing. This is an ice based wing but in drawing form, it looks a lot like a skin based wing. T   

Step 9.

For the last step, you can first clean up your ice dragon by erasing the guides and mistakes. After that, draw in the tail, and add some detailing. Notice how the tail has angles unlike the original smooth curled tail.

Step 10.

When all the hard work is done, your drawing should end up looking awesome like the line art you see here. Color in your ice dragon and submit your artwork to the site for all eyes to see.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: September 24, 2011
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Description: Have you ever wondered what a dragon would look like if it were made completely of ice? Well some of the members and visitors here on Dragoart want to know that very same thing. After being asked to make another element dragon based on ice, I waited for a few days because I didn’t want to get ahead of myself. So after contemplating, I finally came up with what I like to call an ice dragon. What I have for you is something that is just absolute awesomeness. Today I will end my element dragon brigade for a while by teaching you "how to draw an ice dragon", step by step. The lesson is going to go in the intermediate section because I feel that this is one dragon that needs to be drawn in a manner where you will actually be taking your time. Ice dragons live in atmospheres that are almost exactly like Antarctica. The body is engulfed in thick, frozen ice and instead of fire, water, or dirt, this dragon spits out ice the same way Iceman makes his paths as he fights crime. The background was a lot easier to conjure up than the air dragon. I think it’s because I was thinking of Katara and Sokka when I was thinking of backgrounds. I feel confident that you guys will enjoy my interpretation of "how to draw an ice dragon". You can always tweak the drawing to your liking, and if you want to keep it as is, you can do that too. Thanks a lot guys and I hope you enjoy your drawing day!