How to Draw a Shadow Dragon, Black Dragon

Artist: Dawn / September 26, 2011

Step 1.

First begin with the basic guidelines for your dragon, by starting with three simple circles that vary in sizes. The largest circle acts like the frame for the chest, same goes for the circles for the head and back area. It's best to get these guidel   

Step 2.

Next, we'll start off with the simple shapes of the dragon's head, which looks very much like a throne (something I wanted to emphasize to give power to thise shadowy dragon). The face is slender but bulky at the same time, to retain some kind of str   

Step 3.

Then, we will finish off the facials while using light line work to keep variety within this creature. Take your time my fellow artists!

Step 4.

Let's work our way to finishing the neck off so we can prosper to the torso. The neck should be slim but believable enough to glue the body together believably. Make sure the frills are drawn correctly as well. Adding torn areas will only make the d   

Step 5.

Now, we're going to work on the torso which is butted outwards to emphasize power but also devine shadows. Make sure you sketch the attaching arm correctly so it looks belivable anatomy wise. I had fun with this part!

Step 6.

Next, we'll sketch out the backing as well as the tail which is curling upwards beneath his chin. This is also a key point of 'mischevious' attitiude.

Step 7.

We'll sketch the rest of the limbs, getting ready to sketch the large wings. Wouldn't it be cool to see this dragon in flight? I know it would for me! Again, having torn areas will only convey a creepier and dark presence.

Step 8.

It's time to sketch the huge, structured wings which support the flight of this dragon. Do not draw them too large or too small, it has to be just right to make the flight believable. Take your time, and refrain from rushing!

Step 9.

Lastly, we'll finish off the wings by sketching a few details as well as the second wing and the membrane. Take your time to evaluate where to place the ripped regions.

Step 10.

With prior cleaning up, proportion check and other proofing, you should have something similar to this. Make sure before you ink the dragon out, that you use a great tool like Micron pens or black markers (art markers *copics* not kiddy kinds). Anywa   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: September 26, 2011
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Description: Hey ya'll time for another drawing lesson, and yes, this is another elemental dragon everyone keep bugging me for. Though, I've gotta say, this isn't really my best like the Ice dragon was, but it should suffice. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out something perfect for a dark dragon or a dragon of shadows. Therefore, I added wisps of shadow seering off the body to give it a darkly feel. The dragon itself took me 2 hours, which wasn't as bad as most of my tattoo work. If it wasn't for my Cintiq 12wx, I would have spent double the hours on it. Take your time while you draw this creature, there's a lot of proportional vows to pay attention to, like the face, wings, and the body. Try to refrain from making parts of the body smaller than what they should be by turning your paper upside down. Anyways, thanks for viewing and stay tuned for the Light dragon!!