How to Draw Dragons Fighting, Dragons Fighting

Artist: Dawn / October 8, 2011

Step 1.

Ok, let's start off simple and sweetly with the basic guidelines for these two beastly dragons. Begin with basic circles that will shape the head and body frame for these two. Try to draw them as accurately as possible!

Step 2.

Next, let's sketch in the head for the most dominant dragon in this fight, the firey one. Start from the beak to the crest of the head finishing off with the frills. Take your time and try to restrain yourself from rushing to get to the good stuff ;)

Step 3.

Then, it's time to sketch out the savage face expression for this dragon. Notice how the mouth is opened to the maximum and the skin membrane at the crease of the mouth is completely visible. Also, by making the tongue curled, it's emphasizing a tens   

Step 4.

Ok, this might be a tough bullet to bite since it's the opening of the entire body. Sketch the neck first and the backing pattern. Flesh out the large wing as well so the secondary wings will be easier to draw after wards. Take your time and refrain    

Step 5.

Now, this is pretty simple but don't get fooled by it. You have to draw the biceps and forearm completing the hand. The dragon at this point is giving its opponent a little cat slap across the face. I wanted to include some awesome action in this sce   

Step 6.

It's time to sketch the leg which again, might be a bit difficult since it's the entire leg. The chest should be a bit prominent since this creature is curving upwards to catch his grasp on his enemy. Just encase you're a little skeptical on the feet   

Step 7.

Ok, this is the finishing part of our opponent! We're going to have some fun and draw out the tail and the rest of the wings! Drawing the head, wings, and tail is definitely my favorite part, mainly because of the various curves to be drawn. Take you   

Step 8.

This should definitely be easy, we're going to sketch the head for the losing dragon, which is defined by its blue hues. We're going to give him an expression of agony and pain, giving him a dazed body pose and emotion. Keep mind the distances betwee   

Step 9.

As simple as it seems, finish the details in the face like the rest of the horns and torn flesh where it was sliced.

Step 10.

Then, we'll move onto the neck and torn pieces of scattered flesh. This was a fun part for me since I love drawing pieces of gore here and there.

Step 11.

This part might be fun, mainly because of the large overlapping wings. It should be easy to draw as well. Take your time and sketch them out lightly.

Step 12.

Last but not least, we've yet to flesh out the rest of the body. As you can see, the opponent dragon has a weak presence from losing its last battle. Make sure you try drawing each detail and limb shape accurately.

Step 13.

With further cleanup, proportion proofing, you should end up with something like this, a clean sketch of two dragons fighting. I hope ya'll are satisfied with this tutorial since TONS of you dragon fans have requested it. Thanks so much for viewing a   

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Ok folks, how about another lesson on dragons tonight? I've been getting so many requests over the years for a tutorial on “how to draw a dragon fight", step by step. When I think of fighting dragons, I think real savage poses that express the blood boiling action between two majestic beasts. In this picture, fi you can easily tell, are a red firey dragon, and a blue watery dragon fighting for it's element. I had so much fun sketching out the fire dragon, and in this illustration, he is the most dominant in this battle. The colors and background caught me in a rut, mainly because of the contrasting colors of the blue dragon at first. I changed the background twice that neutralized the constrasting between both the dragons equally, plus, giving it a fire 'fighting' feel full of action. This was a great practice on sketching up a very active scene, especailly with the individual movements of each limb. With a drawing like this, things can get VERY hectic and there are rarely amounts of artworks with two dragons dueling eachother in a clear cut way. Anyways, I've gott go, thanks for viewing this lesson and have fun!