How to Draw a Baby Dragon, Baby Dragon


First, let's start with the guidelines for this baby dragon. Like I said in the tutorial description, try drawing these guides accurately as possible so you'll have a successful outcome. Draw these guides lightly on your paper!


Then, we'll move onto the head first, since it's best to work from head to toe rather than body then head. Once you've got your head drawn, the lower you work further, the easier it will be to proportion the body correctly.


Next, we will sketch the facials first before we shift our attention to the frills that hang at the left and right sides of our dragon's face. Try drawing the facials aligned correctly by making sure the pupils lineup diagonally with one another.


Now that the head is done, let's start sketching the neck and back area for this baby creature. Sketch the neck out first then move onto the leg instead of randomly drawing a region of the body.


Let's finish the torso by sketching the two front forelegs that support this dragon's pose upwards. Take your time with the individual toes, keeping in mind the same amount of toes/fingers must repeat throughout the four limbs.


To finish the backlegs and tail, let's sketch the toes out and then the tail. The tail in this case is swirling in a curved - crunched position.


Lastly, sketch in the underbelly scales and then the wing. Draw the arm first before you draw the membranes or wing fingers in between. It's best to evaluate where you will pose and place the wing.


With essential cleanup and proofing, you should have something similar to this. Ink out your drawing and vary your line widths of each stroke. You don't want to have the same pixel thick lines throughout the drawing, it would be hard to focus and uni   

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October 18, 2011

Description: Ok hey guys, Dawn here from Drago and today I present to you with another dragon lesson. I know a member here at the site already submitted a tutorial on “how to draw a baby dragon” but, I wanted to create a new and updated version that is simple enough for all you novice artists. I'd like you all to consider and care for the patience required to successfully complete this tut. This dragon was drawn during my Livestream last night, lots of guests sparked up the chat sessions as I drew (which was pretty hardcore fun). The colors of this dragon was meant to be mellow and calm since a baby dragon isn't powerful until it's a full grown adult or juvenile. The two main colors featured in this piece is blue and yellow, perfect complimentary colors. Make sure you take your time with the first step of this tut since the accuracy of drawing the proportions of the body rely totally on how well you draw the guides. Anyways, time for me to move onto another lesson. Thanks so much for viewing and have fun with your new drawing. Good luck!

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